Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 15 Meteors

A deep and hoarse voice sounded, a gentle and unique voice that belonged to Meng Chao’s entered Lin Qin’s world. “What do you want to eat?”

“Ah?” The world returned to its glory. Lin Qin stared at Meng Chao, not hearing clearly what Meng Chao had just said.

Meng Chao looked at Lin Qin, then looked at the noisy scene around him. He understood immediately. He moved closer to Lin Qin and without touching him, used his tall body to bring Lin Qin a sense of security.

“I mean, I’m here.” Meng Chao smiled, his voice was modest and gentle.

I’m here.

These words, directly hit Lin Qin’s heart and exploded, a kind of unspeakable joy sweeping through Lin Qin’s whole body. It was as if a mute button had suddenly been pressed, making everything that was noisy outside disappear from Lin Qin’s ear and he seemed suddenly no longer afraid.

Lin Qin looked up at Meng Chao, “Thank you, Meng Chao Ge.”

Meng Chao smiled, his eyes bending with it and pushing the shopping cart, went with Lin Qin to the vegetable section.

As more and more people gathered, Meng Chao and Lin Qin moved quickly. Half an hour later, they had already pushed a cart full of goods to the check out counter, but squeezing out of the supermarket, was like a battle.

After getting into the car, the two looked at each other and smiled, an unspeakable tacit understanding formed quietly.

However, the car had only been on the road for a while when the people on board discovered that something was wrong.

The first to notice this was the PD with them, “Mr. Meng, Mr. Lin, there are crazy fans following us.”

“I know.” Meng Chao glanced at the rear-view mirror. They were being followed by a few cars, they should be trying to track them to obtain information of their residence.

The things stars were most afraid of were crazy fans, especially those that followed them in cars. Self-centered and destructive, disregarding traffic safety.

Lin Qin turned to look back and saw several cars following theirs closely, seemingly unprepared to stop. He frowned slightly and turned to look at Meng Chao, hoping Meng Chao wouldn’t be affected by them and concentrate on driving.

As if Meng Chao had guessed Lin Qin’s thoughts, he leaned towards him and smiled, instantly smoothing out Lin Qin’s undulating mood.

“Inform the crew, that they should find a place to park, I’ll meet with this group of crazy fans.” Meng Chao said to the PD behind him, then the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, a slightly contemptuous smile on his face.

“Lin Qin, sit tight.” Meng Chao warned.

Lin Qin had more or less guessed what Meng Chao wanted to do and obediently put on his seat belt.

As soon as Meng Chao stepped on the throttle, the car flew out, the speed suddenly accelerated by Meng Chao.

There were other vehicles ahead, but Meng Chao’s driving skills were really good. In the night, the car shuttled freely through the traffic.

Lin Qin couldn’t help looking at the Meng Chao.

His dark eyes stared intently forward, his long fingers clasped on the steering wheel, a few veins popping on the back of his hands, his skin fair, his palms strong. His back was clenched tightly, like a long bow full of strength.

Lin Qin stared in a daze, eyes full of Meng Chao.

It wasn’t until the speed of the car slowed down, that Meng Chao turned his head and met Lin Qin’s bright eyes. At this moment, he had forgotten to take back the love in his eyes and it was captured by Meng Chao.

Meng Chao smiled, wildly wanton, a dark gleam flashing in his deep black eyes.

It was as if Lin Qin woke up from a dream, he quickly avoided Meng Chao’s extremely aggressive eyes and bowed his head, his heart in disarray, beating violently.

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