Falling in love with the male god A

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 8 Warm sparks

The director squinted but didn’t talk.

He kept feeling that Lin Qin’s attitude towards the Meng Chao wasn’t faked. He really liked the Meng Chao and in addition to a fan’s worship of his idol, it seemed to be mixed with some other emotions, which didn’t seem to be disguised or an act.

At this moment in the hardware store, Meng Chao and Lin Qin didn’t know that the two directors of the variety show had already commented on them. The two worked together to choose the things to use for the decoration.

The two cooperated very tacitly. The movie emperor was certainly above the common populace, not sensitive to the prices at all. Lin Qin had once visited this place in order to complete his graduation thesis, so he had a deep understanding of the market and prices of the materials. The movie emperor was gentle, elegant and refined, moreover he was eloquent, so Lin Qin sat behind the scenes and provided professional commands, while he staged a wonderful bargain with the boss.

When the two came out of the hardware store, it was already dark.

The day’s rush had left them starving.

They casually found a snack bar, asked for two bowls of beef noodles and sat down in a corner.

After exhaustion, even the simplest of snacks would have the taste and flavor of exotic delicacies.

After Meng Chao finished eating, he lowered his chopsticks and looked at Lin Qin. The hot air of the noodles hadn’t yet dispersed, billowing up instead, making Meng Chao’s vision a bit hazy.

Don’t know whether it was from the heat of the sun, the steam, or for other reasons, but Lin Qin’s face was red and the appearance of his small mouth sucking in the noodles made Meng Chao feel he was very cute.

Meng Chao simply put his chin on his palm and concentrated on Lin Qin. After he saw Lin Qin’s mouth rise slightly, he couldn’t help but laugh.

Lin Qin’s facial features were handsome and gentle, not aggressive. Now that his lips were hooked up in a smile, in the hazy atmosphere, there was a kind of indistinct beauty, which was very exciting.

At least Meng Chao was stirred up and his heart jumped a few more times.

After Lin Qin had eaten the noodles, he looked up and met Meng Chao’s fierce gaze. The chopsticks fell into the bowl and some of the soup splashed on Lin Qin’s clothes. Lin Qin didn’t care about wiping it, only feeling panicked, his eyes beginning to dodge again.

Meng Chao hurriedly drew a few tissues and handed them to Lin Qin. His slightly aggressive eyes immediately turning back, going back to his usual gentle appearance. He asked knowingly: “What’s wrong? Tired?”

“No.” Lin Qin shook his head. Once again, he had disgraced himself in front of his male god, making him feel a little embarrassed. The red on his face quickly spread to the tip of his ears.

As soon as Meng Chao saw this, he got up to settle the bill, giving Lin Qin some time to relax.

The night scene of Marine City was very beautiful. The sound of the waves seemed to echo in the ears, the sky was inky blue, with stars scattered in the night sky, a new moon hanging high in the sky, curved like a hook.

Meng Chao intentionally stopped the car a short distance from the villa, and the two got out of the car and walked back to the villa.

Under the pale moonlight and salty sea breeze, Meng Chao and Lin Qin walked one after the other on the beach. Lin Qin walked behind, walking in the footprints of Meng Chao, secretly enjoying himself.

He was also walking along the path Senior Meng had gone through.

At this time, Meng Chao suddenly turned around, making Lin Qin ran into his arms. Meng Chao had experience with this from the airport, so after holding Lin Qin up, he took a step back, opening a safe distance.

Looking at Lin Qin again, he found that his footprints had been covered by Lin Qin. Meng Chao’s lips couldn’t help but hook up at the corners, but he didn’t exposed Lin Qin.

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