Falling in love with the male god A

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 12 Having dinner together

“So you insisted on buying cookware because you’re going to cook in person tomorrow?” Meng Chao asked, slightly surprise.

No wonder when he finalized the design draft yesterday, Lin Qin didn’t abandon the design of the kitchen. He originally thought Lin Qin was just doing it for a sense of wholeness, but he didn’t expect that he would really be using the kitchen.

Lin Qin said modestly, “I know a little bit.”

Meng Chao laughed, “Then I’ll leave my stomach firmly in your hands from now on.”

“En.” Lin Qin nodded heavily. Though his ears and face turned red from Meng Chao’s ambiguous words, but at the thought that Meng Chao would be eating what he would cook with his own hands tomorrow, Lin Qin was excited. His dark eyes shone, as if dotted with bright lights.

Meng Chao’s facial features gradually softened however when he saw that Lin Qin intended to continue, he stopped him, “Take a break first, I’ll help you after dinner.”

Lin Qin nodded obediently, giving a soft, “Okay.”

Such an obedient and soft appearance made Meng Chao want to take Lin Qin into his arms and rub him.

Soo obedient, really too cute.

As they were eating, Lin Qin was very quiet, eating fast, but moving gracefully.

Meng Chao and Lin Qin’s face value belonged to the same category. Even if there were cameras to record the whole process, they both appeared flawless in the picture.

After Meng Chao finished eating, he started staring at Lin Qin. Lin Qin’s skin was very good, fair and delicate, he couldn’t see any pores at all. His lips were very sexy, full and round and without any lipstick, it was red, like the petals of a red rose. It made one feel they were extremely sexy as one looked at it, making one unable to help but want to kiss them.

At the same time Lin Qin had a pair of big eyes which balanced out his sexy lips. When he stared at you with them, you would feel that he was innocent.

His eyes were often shy and timid. When he was happy, they shone like lights. When he was listening to Meng Chao speak, he was focused and thoughtful, his appearance showing dependent trust in him. His eyes were fresh and bright and in front of Meng Chao, he didn’t hide his emotions. His lashes were thick and long, casting a fan-like shadow over his eyelids.

Looking at Lin Qin, even when he compared him to all the beauty he had seen in the entertainment industry, Meng Chao had to admit that Lin Qin’s beauty was super good, a beauty that made his heart beat.

Meng Chao’s eyes fell on Lin Qin without any concealment. Lin Qin buried his head even lower, the food in his mouth turning tasteless, his face becoming like a peach blossom, his feet rubbing uncontrollably on the floor.

Senior Meng was looking at him.

Why was Senior Meng looking at him?

Lin Qin’s heart was perturbed, feeling as if a needle was roaming around, but they was also the rise of a secret sweetness.

“If you continue, the food will enter your nose.” Meng Chao’s voice that sounded with a faint smile entered Lin Qin’s ear.

Lin Qin threw his chopsticks down as if he had been electrocuted, he stood up. “I’ll clean it up.”

But when he reached out to touch the fast food container, Meng Chao clasped his hand and pulled him back to his seat. Before Lin Qin could react, Meng Chao released his hand, leaving only the warm touch that belonged to Meng Chao.

“What are you anxious for?” Meng Chao retracted his hand, but he couldn’t help closing his fingers, the delicate touch still wrapped in them, like a feather gently scratching at his heart. When he spoke again, his voice was slightly hoarse. “We just finished eating, let’s chat and get to know each other well.”

Lin Qin nodded obediently, “Okay.” He lowered his head and his eyes fell uncontrollably on the wrist that had just been held by Meng Chao, feeling its heat. The feeling of his heat started moving from his wrist to his limbs, his face turning an angry shade of red, even his ears and neck were also stained with red.

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