Falling in love with the male god A

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 13 Weibo Interaction

Meng Chao naturally saw it, surprised by Lin Qin’s innocence, he just touched him and he’d become so red.

But he didn’t expose him, after all, he was thin-skinned, but he took the initiative to ask a question topic, “What’s your Weibo account? Why can’t I find it?”

In the morning after he had sent that explanation post for Qin Lin, Meng Chao had gone to look for Lin Qin’s Weibo account, but unfortunately, Lin Qin was really too low-key, he hadn’t even opened a Weibo account.

Lin Qin was silent for a moment, then twisted his fingers as he said, “I… I don’t have a Weibo account.”

In fact, he had a Weibo, but on that Weibo, except for Meng Chao, it was only news about Meng Chao. From the time Meng Chao had debuted to now, this Weibo account had been open for a few years, he wasn’t following anyone else, and refused to follow anyone. However, he silently forwarded all Meng Chao’s Weibo posts and related news. Sometimes he even wrote thousands of words of reviews for Meng Chao’s new films. Sometimes he would swoon because of Meng Chao’s handsome face, staring like an idiot, it was only after sending forward a long list of ah ah ah’s that he would be able to express the excitement in his heart.

There were more than three thousand posts on his Weibo, each of which was related to Meng Chao.

This little secret, except for himself, no one else knew, not even his cousin Chu Hong.

This was his little world, it wasn’t for outsiders, it was his life’s treasure.

“Open an account, let’s follow each other.”

While Lin Qin was immersed in his thoughts, he heard Meng Chao’s voice filled with a gentle smile.

Lin Qin looked up at Meng Chao in surprise, not responding for a while.

“Why, you’re not willing?” Meng Chao squinted.

Lin Qin quickly shook his head, “No, no, I’ll open one.”

After opening the account, authentication was required. Lin Qin left it to Chu Hong to do it. Chu Hong was very efficient, and soon she had already authenticated it. After she was done, she sent the account details to Lin Qin’s cell phone.

Lin Qin logged in and just as he did so, Weibo sent him a notification that he had a new fan and a new @.

Lin Qin tapped the new fan circle, a little unable to believe what he he was seeing.

He looked up at Meng Chao. “Senior Meng… this….”

Meng Chao looked triumphantly at Lin Qin’s cell phone, “I’m following you, I’m waiting for you to also follow me.”

*Lin Qin’s mood couldn’t be suppressed. It was as if someone you liked for a long time suddenly saw you and turned your name card, making your whole person flutter, as if you could fly.

With quivering fingers, he tapped Meng Chao’s Weibo picture. Before he could follow him, he saw a Weibo Meng Chao had just posted–

[Meng Chao v: This is my boy. Please take care of him @Lin Qin]

Lin Qin’s eyes were slightly hot, his nose sore and there seemed to be something in his chest. He stared at the Weibo post for a long time, only to remember that he hadn’t followed Meng Chao. After following him, he discovered that he was the only one Meng Chao was following.

Happiness came too suddenly and Lin Qin was shrouded in it, it continued to dense up, rising.

[Lin Qin v: Thank you Senior Meng.// Meng Chao v: My boy is a good child. @Lin Qin]

It took a long time for Lin Qin to type out this first Weibo before posting it. This Weibo had only four characters, but Lin Qin spent more than ten minutes on it, where he had typed out other words such as: I am Meng Chao’s good child; hi, everyone, I’m Lin Qin, etc. However, in the end, they were all rejected by Lin Qin, typing over and over before he finally sent out, thank you Senior Meng, the simplest four words.

*I think it’s like when an Emperor turns the name plate of the concubine he would be going to. If I’m wrong, please tell me.😊

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