Falling in love with the male god A

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 17 Going on the hot search again

Lin Qin sat at the table in a daze. When he thought of Meng Chao’s eyes, Lin Qin could still feel the heat of his gaze. His heart hadn’t yet returned to the normal rate, beating violently.

Perhaps the night was too beautiful and he had misread Meng Chao’s eyes.

But even if he was wrong, he still felt that that sight was worthy of being in his permanent collection of treasures.

He took his pen to write down today’s entry and at the end of the diary, drew a life-like version of Meng Chao and secretly, like a thief, stared with a look of infatuation at the life-like version of Meng Chao.

After all this, Lin Qin smiled foolishly at the diary.

At the same time, Meng Chao in the next room wasn’t idle. He was on the phone with his brother Meng Ke, discussing business matters.

In addition to making movies, Meng Chao also invested in some industries which brought him good returns. Meng Ke also saw his gainful returns and intentionally or unintentionally spoke with Meng Chao about his company. It was estimated that he was probably trying to train Meng Chao to take over…

Meng Chao didn’t have much resistance to this, but also wasn’t very much interested.

The two brothers spoke for an entire hour, and before hanging up, Meng Chao suddenly said, “Ge, my heart seems to have moved.”

Meng Ke was stunned for a while, then reacted to what Meng Chao said with a light chuckle: “Is it Lin Qin?”

“Hmm.” Meng Chao didn’t deny it.

“Go after it, I don’t mind if the other party is a boy or a girl.” His brother’s rarely moved, so Meng Ke naturally wouldn’t interfere or block him, after all, this was about Meng Chao’s happiness.

The two brothers ended the call and Meng Chao looked through the window. Seeing the lights on in Lin Qin’s room, he smiled slowly.

Gentle and tender.


Weibo exploded.

Since the Weibo post from Meng Chao yesterday saying ‘this is my boy’, topics about Meng Chao and Lin Qin had repeatedly appeared on the hot search.

In the evening, after someone posted the promotional photos of ‘We Are Together’, the entire Weibo reached a climax. [Meng Chao Lin Qin] This topic was the first on the hot search, followed by a burst of other words behind.

Meng Chao and Lin Qin were very low-key people in the entertainment circle, but one in the circle was as low-key as Lin Qin. Although Meng Chao was low-key, he had a lot of fans.

Moreover, Meng Chao not only had a lot of fans, they were also very devoted. After all, not every artist was as good as Meng Chao and even had the title of the legend.

So upon learning that Meng Chao was filming a reality show, there was a lot of ah ah ah ah on Weibo, with a lot commenting that they were very much looking forward to the broadcast of the reality show.

After all, usually, with the exception of movies, Meng Chao rarely attended other activities. In the absence of new movies, fans could only hold on to the previous works of Meng Chao to reflect on.

But this time Meng Chao actually picked up a reality show!!!

With the popularity of ‘We Are Together’ suddenly rising, Lin Qin, who was filming with Meng Chao, was also noticed. No, it should be said that after Meng Chao posted the Weibo ‘this is my boy’, more and more people noticed Lin Qin.

Lin Qin only made two movies in total, both of which were niche literary films.

The first made Lin Qin win the best newcomer award at the domestic film festival awards, and the second one sent him directly to the Cannes film festival, winning the movie emperor award.

Now, these two movies had been dug up.

[Lin Qin’s face value] [Lin Qin’s performance], these two topics went on hot search, and became really popular.

After all, this circle was still a world that loved face value. Lin Qin’s appearances in the two films were completely opposite and his personality was also diametrically opposite. In the early stage of the first movie he was a hooligan then in the latter stage he was a homeless man, but whether it was the rough clothes or dirty makeup, Lin Qin’s features couldn’t be blocked under these static conditions.

Being able to have the acting skills to go to the Cannes Film Festival, he exploded even more. In the second movie, Lin Qin acted as a painter with a dual personality. When the audience watched the movie, they all regarded Lin Qin’s double personalities as two separate individuals. It was obviously the same clothes, the same appearance, but under Lin Qin’s interpretation, you could tell you very intuitively that these were two different people and that the two were heavily independent.

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