Falling in love with the male god A

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 18 Going on the hot search again

When the movie ended, the audience woke up like they had just been in a dream. This was Lin Qin’s performance ah, they didn’t want to be alone.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah, what kind of fairy figure is little brother Lin Qin? It doesn’t matter that he looks handsome, why must his acting be so good!]

[Darling Meng Chao I’m sorry, but I’ve defected to Lin Qin for a while. Too handsome!!!]

[Why didn’t I find this treasure Lin Qin before? Don’t mention how handsome he is, the key point is his acting!!!]

[No no no, what he did isn’t called acting, he was the character himself okay, naturally you cannot see the traces of acting, in the end where the hell was this treasure hiding!]


And under the promotional Weibo of ‘We Are Together’, there was another thing happening.

[Brother Meng Chao finally accepted a show? I want to transmigrate into it ah ah ah]

[Am I the only one who feels that daddy Meng and little boy Lin Qin standing together give a cp feeling?]

[You’re not alone, +ID number!!]

[Our Meng Chao Ge is following only little brother Lin Qin alone on Weibo, little Lin Qin is also following Meng Chao Ge alone on Weibo, and have you forgotten that Weibo post ‘my boy’? I don’t support other cp’s, but this I support, I can’t help it!!]

[So [We are together], hurry up and broadcast it, I can’t wait!]

On the internet, hot topic after hot topic about Lin Qin and Meng Chao burst forth. For half an hour, Chu Hong scrolled through Weibo and not seeing any comments against Lin Qin, closed it with a sigh of relief.

Then she pulled out a photo album. The first photo was of Lin Qin and Meng Chao watching a meteor shower, the timing of the shooting was very delicate. It was when the two looked at each other.

Not to mention, it really felt like a glance that lasted a million years.

Chu Hong smiled and put her cell phone away.

Lin Qin, I wish you all the best.

It was early, but the show crew was already busy.

At this time, Lin Qin walked downstairs, wearing a set of pale yellow sportswear in a perfect figure, his pair of legs thin and long.

He said greeted the staff, ready to go for a morning run.

Just as he reached the last stairs, Meng Chao’s low voice rang behind him. “Didn’t I say we’d go together?”

Lin Qin turned and saw Meng Chao coming down the stairs with his long legs, the morning light hitting his body as if he had stepped into a layer of mysterious holy light.

“Meng Chao Ge.” Lin Qin took a step back and whispered: “I… thought you were still asleep.”

Meng Chao stood beside Lin Qin and said with a smile: “It’s okay, let’s go.”


After the two ran around the boardwalk next to the beach and came back, Meng Chao went back upstairs to take a shower, but Lin Qin went to the kitchen, washed his hands, and began to prepare breakfast.

A simple sandwich, was completed by the time Meng Chao came down.

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