Falling in love with the male god A

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 21 I think, I will miss you

The sound of Lin Qin’s soft voice transmitted to Meng Chao’s ear through the radio waves. Meng Chao could even use this sound to imagine what Lin Qin looked like right now.

Those big eyes must be bright as if they had just been lit up. The corners of his mouth would definitely be raised, his face full of hidden joy and surprise.

He wouldn’t be able to hide what was in his heart, all the emotions would be reflected on his face, heart wrenchingly cute.

As long as he thought of Lin Qin, Meng Chao would only feel that his heart was full of sweetness, a sweetness he hadn’t experienced or felt before.

They had only separated in the morning, but Meng Chao wanted to see Lin Qin now.

He chuckled lowly and said into the phone, “Lin Qin.”

His voice was a little hoarse, inexorably sexy.

“En. Meng Chao Ge.” Lin Qin’s response came from the other end of the phone, gentle, like a feather tickling Meng Chao’s heart, making his heart feel unbearably itchy.

“Will you miss me?” Meng Chao asked.

The response to Meng Chao was a lengthy silence. His face must be red now, Meng Chao thought.

Meng Chao didn’t wait for Lin Qin to answer, taking the lead as he said, “I think, I will miss you.”

The response to Meng Chao this time was the short beep of a hung up.

Meng Chao couldn’t help but chuckle lowly, he could already picture what Lin Qin looked like now.

He missed Lin Qin now.

Just then, the boarding reminder sounded through the speakers. The agent came over to call Meng Chao and seeing the gentle smile on his face, couldn’t help asking: “What happened? Why are you so happy?”

He and Meng Chao had worked together for so many years, so he naturally knew the kind of person Meng Chao was. Don’t look at this man who looked gentle and intimate, in fact, he was very indifferent, indifferent to everything around him, but he didn’t know what had happened today that could unexpectedly make such a gentle expression appear on Meng Chao’s face.

“It’s nothing.” Meng Chao restrained his smile and said, “Clear my schedule for the day after tomorrow, I’m going to Weibo’s mid-year festival.”

The agent was a bit distressed, “But you have to shoot movie posters the day after tomorrow.”

“Push it off or postpone it, handle it.” After his words fell, without giving his agent a chance to refuse, opened his long legs and walked to the gate.

The agent was extremely puzzled as he run to catch up. In previous years, such awards ceremony, etc., wouldn’t Meng Chao refuse to attend? Why was he so active this year?


“I think, I will miss you.”

When this sentence entered Lin Qin’s ears, his brain instantly became blank, all thoughts, all things, all of them receded from his brain, leaving only a stream of heat in his body, then Lin Qin flushed from the tip of his ears to his ankle.

By the time Lin Qin reacted, he had accidentally hung up.

Looking at the phone’s screen where the call had ended, a lost expression suddenly appeared on Lin Qin’s face.

Chu Hong had been observing Lin Qin’s situation through the rearview mirror and now seeing Lin Qin’s face change, asked immediately: “What’s wrong?”

Lin Qin answered with frustration: “I accidentally hung up the phone.”

Chu Hong said in a tone of hating iron that couldn’t become steel: “How should I say this? If you hang up then just call back again ah? You have to grab your own opportunities, being so timid, if you don’t grab the opportunity when the time comes what will you do then? Isn’t it just a phone call?”

“Oh.” Lin Qin responded. Perhaps it was Meng Chao’s sentence, I will miss you that you gave Lin Qin the courage. He hesitated only for a moment then called Meng Chao.

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