Falling in love with the male god A

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 22 I think, I will miss you

However, Meng Chao’s phone had been turned off.

Lin Qin put away the phone, the bright expression on his face suddenly turning to loss.

“Turned off?” Chu Hong suddenly read the meaning of the expression on Lin Qin’s face, raising a brow as she asked.

Lin Qin nodded, then looked a little nervously at Chu Hong. “Cousin, do you think Meng Chao Ge is angry?”

Chu Hong really wanted to pat Lin Qin’s head to see if water had entered. How come a person who was normally clever, turned into a fool when it concerned Meng Chao?

“At this time, movie emperor Meng must have boarded the plane, so his cell phone must be off.” Chu Hong reminded.

Lin Qin suddenly understood, then smiled in embarrassment.

“You!” Chu Hong laughed helplessly, “I don’t know how you’re going to pursue your movie emperor Meng with your character! Work harder, I’m anxious for you!”

“I…” Lin Qin hesitated for a moment then said, “I’m not going to pursue Meng Chao Ge, as long as I can look at him up close, I’ll be satisfied.”

Chu Hong wanted to say something else, but seeing Lin Qin like this, the words went back in.

Chu Hong thought to herself: The human heart is the most difficult to satisfy and looking at her cousin, soon he will no longer be satisfied with the present situation, he’ll want more.

Lin Qin naturally didn’t know what Chu Hong was thinking. He held the cell phone in his hands for a long time. Just now Meng Chao had asked him a question, but he hadn’t replied yet. Wouldn’t it appear particularly impolite?

But how should he answer that question?

Lin Qin struggled in his heart for a long time, then finally unable to help it, unlocked his cell phone and sent Meng Chao a text message.

Then with a red face he put the phone away, both expectant and nervous.


Meng Chao got off the plane and got into the artist car from the VIP passage. Just as he turned his cell phone on, a text message came in.

Seeing the familiar phone number, Meng Chao opened the message a little anxiously.

And then he saw a short message that hit his heart—

Lin Qin: I’ll miss Meng Chao Ge too.

Meng Chao felt his heart go soft, as if it had been filled with honey.

The agent saw Meng Chao smiling stupidly at his cell phone as soon as he got in the car and thinking of Meng Chao’s expressions today, asked tentatively after his heart fell with a clung, “Meng Chao, have you fallen in love?”

All the signs today pointed to having fallen in love, but with who? He simply couldn’t imagine Meng Chao liking someone, but he also couldn’t help imagining what kind of individual that person was, that could make Meng Chao fall in love?

In the face of his agent’s inquisition, Meng Chao said without raising his head: “No.”

The agent breathed a sigh of relief, but this breath hadn’t yet come out fully when he heard Meng Chao’s next sentence, “But it should almost be at that stage.”

“Ah? You’ve really fallen in love?” The agent’s breath stuck in his chest, unable to get out.

Actually, he really didn’t want Meng Chao to fall in love. Although Meng Chao took the actor’s route, he was really very handsome. His girlfriend abilities almost took up most of the country. Once Meng Chao made his relationship public, his commercial value would reduce greatly.

However regarding issues concerning Meng Chao, he didn’t have the right to decide at all, it was all in the hands of Meng Chao himself.

“I want to get married.” Meng Chao answered very seriously this time.

This wasn’t an impulsive decision, but the strong intensity Lin Qin brought him.

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