Falling in love with the male god A

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 25 Handkerchief and tie

The man standing outside the door was Meng Chao, the one Lin Qin’s heart longed for.

“Meng Chao Ge!” Lin Qin was pleasantly surprised. After separating from Meng Chao that day, they hadn’t seen each other. Lin Qin thought he wouldn’t miss him, but the moment he saw him, he suddenly realized that the original missing had become so fierce and dense.

It was almost crazy.

Meng Chao smiled and nodded at Lin Qin, leaned in and sat in.

When Zhu Yan saw Meng Chao, her eyes brightened as she automatically shifted to the side, then stared at Meng Chao, hoping he would sit next to her.

However she could only watch as Meng Chao sat next to Lin Qin and Lin Qin who had just shunned her a second ago now moved a little closer to the side then stare unblinkingly at Meng Chao.

She was just about to talk to Meng Chao when a staff member came up and asked her to get out.

The staff member’s meaning was very obvious. It was impossible for her with her current status to walk the red carpet together with Meng Chao. Even if the organizer was willing, he will be sprayed to death by Meng Chao’s fans’ spit.

Although the organizer had already taken the bribe, he still knew the weight of matters.

However Zhu Yan had made up her mind today and nothing could change it. After all, it hadn’t been easy for her to have this opportunity, so she had to seize it. The popularity of Lin Qin and the popularity of movie emperor Meng, compared to hers was like the difference between heaven and the earth.

How could she give up this opportunity she had fought hard to get?

No matter what the staff said, Zhu Yan just didn’t leave and the front had already urged for him to hurry up, so the staff could only give up and get out of the car, closing the door. Then he sent news to the staff on the red carpet, telling them to stop Zhu Yan later and to not let Zhu Yan and the two movie emperors walk together on the red carpet.

 Zhu Yan naturally didn’t know what the staff had done. She pulled down the skirt that was already exposed a little bit, revealing a white greasy chest.

Looking at Meng Chao and Lin Qin, her voice softened several degrees.

However, regarding her existence over here, no matter whether it was Meng Chao or Lin Qin, none of them looked at her, the two movie emperors automatically regarding her as a transparent person, talking about their own affairs.

Lin Qin whispered, “Meng Chao Ge, didn’t you have no time? How come you’re here?”

Despite the dim lights in the car, Meng Chao was able to see Lin Qin’s eyes that were shining brightly with even the flash of surprise in them.

Meng Chao’s lips couldn’t help lifting up at the corners, “I just happened to have something to work on around here, so I just came here when I was less busy.” Wasn’t it because I wanted to see you that’s why I got rid of all my work today?

Of course, the real reason, Meng Chao didn’t intend to say it in front of Lin Qin. He understood the principle of gradually boiling a frog in warm water, especially a person like Lin Qin who would be scared away by a person who was too enthusiastic.

It wasn’t easy to meet someone who made his heart move, so what was the sense in scaring away the one he had been looking for?

Lin Qin gave an ‘oh’ sound. Knowing that the Meng Chao hadn’t come for him, he felt a little lost, but to be able to see Meng Chao in person, he was satisfied.

They were sitting so close, that he could feel the breath of Meng Chao.

In such a mixed environment, Lin Qin felt extremely at ease.

Lin Qin couldn’t help looking in Meng Chao’s direction and smiling. Meng Chao suppressed the desire to pull him into his arms, but he couldn’t help saying, “Seeing that I’m here, are you happy?”

After asking this question, Meng Chao saw Lin Qin’s ears turn red at a speed visible to the naked eye, earlobes bright red.

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