Falling in love with the male god A

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 33 Character Biography

An hour later, Lin Qin and Meng Chao bought the materials needed then took a detour to the supermarket to buy the ingredients needed for lunch and dinner today, before returning to the villa.

When the two returned to the villa, Jin Feiyun was sitting lazily on the sofa playing on her cell phone while Zhang Yue was washing fruit.

Seeing the two people come in, Zhang Yue said, “I was just walking around and saw some people selling fruit, so I bought some.” After he said this he joked, “Don’t worry, I didn’t use the program’s funding.”

With that, as he had just finished washing the fruits, he put them on a plate, walked to the living room and put it on the coffee table.

It was just that, the cherries and peaches, having been washed, looked very appetizing.

Jin Feiyun who had been lying lazily on the sofa sat up at once when she saw the fruits. Without waiting for Lin Qin and Meng Chao to sit down she picked up a cherry and put it in her mouth, saying with satisfaction: “Zhang Yue, how did you know I love cherries?”

Zhang Yue smiled, “What a coincidence, I also love them.”

Actually, Zhang Yue was Meng Chao’s hardcore fan and knew Meng Chao liked cherries so when he had gone out for a stroll and saw the cherries, he came back with a box.

But Jin Feiyun had said this, he couldn’t hit her smiling face, could he? And he couldn’t also make people think that he was pandering to Jin Feiyun that was why he had deliberately bought the fruit Jin Feiyun liked to eat.

Meng Chao’s mind wasn’t on the fruits. He asked Zhang Yue, “Zhang Yue have you ever studied art before? Can you paint?”

Zhang Yue nodded, “I can, Senior Meng if there’s anything just order, I promise to complete the task.”

Meng Chao: “Then you’ll give Lin Qin a hand later, he is deciding today.”

Then he gave Lin Qin gave an encouraging look.

Lin Qin took a deep breath and said, “I’ll give you the colors I will use later. You can help me mix them up, I’ll draw up the first draft first.”

Zhang Yue agreed and quickly took the materials from Meng Chao’s hands.

Lin Qin then mentioned the several colors to Zhang Yue who immediately went to work with high spirits to complete his task. He didn’t say he could do fine arts, he just wanted to paint on the wall.

After finishing the cherry Jin Feiyun got up and asked, “What about me? What should I do?”

Lin Qin thought for a while, “You’ll paint with Meng Chao Ge later.”

As soon as Jin Feiyun heard she would be with Meng Chao, the lazy temperament disappeared swiftly, becoming full of vitality.

Meng Chao looked at her but didn’t say anything.

The dividends arranged, everyone started working.

Lin Qin took the paintbrush and started to sketch an image on the wall, and after a few strokes it turned into a mural. Zhang Yue had studied art before, so naturally he knew that this required skill, so as soon he saw the mural, he sighed at the side, “Senior Lin, are you a professional? So cool.”

Immersed in his own world, Lin Qin replied, “En, I learned it at university.”

Zhang Yue mixed a color and handed it to Lin Qin. “Senior Lin is this the right color?”

Zhang Yue really wasn’t joking when he said he had studied art, he really had some skill. The color he had mixed was almost similar to what Lin Qin wanted. Lin Qin nodded. “En, it’s alright.”

Zhang Yue continued to mix another color and asked curiously as he did so: “Senior Lin, why are you in this field if you majored in fine arts and interior design? There’s no connection between the two professions.”

Zhang Yue asked the question many people wanted to know. He studied interior design, so why did he enter the entertainment industry, and then win the glorious film emperor international award in less than a year?

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