Falling in love with the male god A

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 35 Big ticket

Zhang Yue held the notebook that was only as thick as a little finger. Before opening it, he thought it was a book about Lin Qin’s acting experience. However when he opened the cover, he knew that the entire book was about a character’s biography.

From birth to death, every little thing about the character was depicted in this little notebook, very detailed.

Instantly, Zhang Yue realized that this was Lin Qin’s answer to the question he had just asked.

How can you make yourself more integrated with a role? Lin Qin’s approach was to take part in the character’s life, to understand the character’s personality and growth environment, then think of himself as the character.

The profound biography of the character was proof.

Suddenly a feeling called guilt rose in Zhang Yue’s heart, because he had secretly criticized Lin Qin for relying on his talent and luck, completely obliterating Lin Qin’s efforts.

Lin Qin’s current achievements weren’t just the combination of talent and luck. If Lin Qin wasn’t prepared to work hard, even if the opportunity came, luck and talent together alone, wouldn’t make Lin Qin famous.

If before Zhang Yue had just regarded Lin Qin with peer mentality, regarding Lin Qin as a lucky person, then now, just this detailed character biography was enough to convince Zhang Yue to call Lin Qin senior.

Zhang Yue looked up, looked at the back of Lin Qin’s figure that was drawing seriously on the wall and said with respect: “Senior Lin, can I borrow this notebook for two days? I will study it well and bring it back to you.”

Lin Qin paused for a while, then agreed.

‘Dual Passion’ was a thing of the past so the character biography was of no use to him, it only had a certain collection value for him. Since it was useful to Zhang Yue, he would lend it to him.

Getting Lin Qin’s consent, Zhang Yue was very happy, his work and actions a lot more nimble.

Then the two ceased talking and after Lin Qin finished drawing the mural on the wall, he asked Meng Chao and Jin Feiyun to come and paint. He carefully explained things to Meng Chao, then took the brush to another wall.

The four people worked together in cooperation with a due division of the labour, and since the design pattern was simple, the task was completed before lunch.

The overall decoration style was done by Lin Qin. After the four walls had been painted, they naturally and perfectly integrated with the decoration of the first floor. On one photo wall, there were already a few photos hanging on it. From a distance it looked like a household, very warm and comforting.

Zhang Yue looked again then gave Lin Qin a thumbs up, “Senior Lin, you’re too awesome!”

Lin Qin smiled slightly and said very politely, “Thank you.”

Jin Feiyun took a bath and came down. After she came downstairs, she shouted, “What are we eating this afternoon? I’m so hungry.” She said this candidly, rubbing her stomach as she spoke.

As she said this, the others also realized that it was already time for lunch.

Zhang Yue immediately took out his cell phone, proposing, “How about we order takeout? Senior Meng, Senior Lin, which restaurant around here is good?”

They were stars, they didn’t even have enough time to rest, where would they have the time to cook? Eight percent out of ten times their hands didn’t touch water.

Zhang Yue estimated that this was also the case for Lin Qin and Meng Chao, so he was the first to propose to order takeout.

“The director’s crew stipulates that we can’t order takeout.” Meng Chao reminded. Lin Qin went on to say, “Let’s eat noodles. I’ll make it.” Then he returned to his room, took a shower and changed his clothes.

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