This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 100 Do you know who I am?

However soon a shocking scene happened. With his blurred vision, he saw the slender figure remain in place, but the few people who had rushed forward seemed like scattered flowers, flying out!

The sound of heavy objects hitting the ground, accompanied by the sound of the steel pipes landing and swiveling on the ground, rang in Tang Nian Bai’s ears.

“Ouch! It hurts!” The screams of several thugs came from around

The red haired guy had already crawled out of the garbage dump at this time, and after seeing this scene, he was suddenly tongue tied, unable to say a word, only feeling that his legs had become a little soft, because he hadn’t seen Ye Xuan Chen move at all, but his companions were already lying on the ground.

“Are you okay?” Ye Xuan Chen walked to Tang Nian Bai’s side and pulled him up.

Tang Nian Bai’s facial features wrinkled into a ball. He bent slightly, hands covering his lower abdomen. The place those people had kicked the most was his lower abdomen.

“I… I’m… okay.” Tang Nian Bai waved his hand, spitting out the words with difficulty. He wiped the blood on his forehead with his sleeve, took off his glasses and touched the broken lens, heart aching. “Ai… I should have put my glasses away just now….”

He was now penniless and had no money for a new one.

“…” Ye Xuan Chen was a little speechless. This boy had already turned into this miserable picture, but unexpectedly his first concern was his glasses….

Putting the broken glasses into his pocket, Tang Nian Bai looked at Ye Xuan Chen gratefully: “Young master Ye, thank you for saving me.”

“No need, it wasn’t a big deal.” Ye Xuan Chen shrugged his shoulders. Anyway, he had done it because of Ling Tian.

Tang Nian Bai smiled shyly: “Thank you for your helping hand.”

If it wasn’t for Ye Xuan Chen, based on the means of these people, he would have definitely gone to the hospital again and that would cost a lot of money and would also make him late for his part-time job…

Ye Xuan Chen looked at Tang Nian Bai’s waist that couldn’t be straightened and said lightly: “… All right, hurry to the hospital, I think you’re badly injured.”

“It’s alright, it’s just a little injury, it will heal in a few days.” Tang Nian Bai shook his head. When he said this the look in his eyes became a little numb, seemingly accustomed to this.

Ye Xuan Chen frowned but just as he was about to speak, a roar of anger came from behind: “Who beat you up like this?”

From the end of the street walked in a thin tall boy. After seeing his companions on the ground, the smile on his face converged instantly, his gloomy eyes immediately falling on Tang Nian Bai and Ye Xuan Chen.

“Quan Ge, it’s that little pale next to Tang Nian Bai, you have to help us teach him a lesson!”

When red hair saw him he was overjoyed. He immediately run to the thin guy’s side and pointed to Ye Xuan Chen.

The others also struggled to get up from the ground and run after the red haired guy, all of them looking like they had found their backbone.

The guy called Quan Ge crossed his hands over his chest and said to Ye Xuan Chen in a wild and arrogant tone: “Kid, do you know who I am? How dare you touch my brothers?”

Ye Xuan Chen turned around and looked at the so-called ‘Quan Ge’ “What does it matter if I know who you are? I never look at the owner when I hit a dog!”

“You…” The red haired guy who had been kicked together with the others immediately became angry. This kid was too arrogant, actually calling them dogs.

After hearing Ye Xuan Chen’s words, the one called Quan Ge didn’t get angry, instead he frowned, a look of doubt appearing in his eyes. How come this voice sounded a little familiar?

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