This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 102 Mother Tang

Ye Xuan Chen was a little surprised. Looking at Tang Nian Bai’s clothes, he should just be from an ordinary family. How could they owe such a large debt?


At that moment, Tang Nian Bai’s cell phone rang and he picked it up. After a while his complexion gradually turned pale and a little panic was heard in his voice as he said, “Aunt Li, tell them to stop first, I’m coming right now!”

*With that, Tang Nian Bai picked up his backpack not far away and ran outside the street.

After Ye Xuan Chen saw Tang Nian’s complexion, he hesitated, then followed.

When Wei Quan and the rest saw the two of them run without leaving a trace, they were dumbfounded for a moment, then the red haired guy asked, “Quan Ge, what should we do?”

“How would I know?” Wei Quan scratched his hair a little irritably. He couldn’t chase after them, after all, Ye Xuan Chen was around. “Go, let’s go back first!”



Four nurses pushed the four corners of the bed with both hands, pulling the man on the bed who was covered all over with tubes from the room to the hallway.

“Please, I’ll pay all the fees at the end of the month, don’t put my husband in the hallway.”

A gaunt middle-aged woman with a sullen face blocked the door of the ward, begging the nurses in distress.

“Nian Bai’s mom, it really isn’t that we don’t want to help you, this time it’s an order from the deputy dean, we have no choice.” A nurse who looked about the same age as the woman, said with eyes full of heartache.

They also knew the situation of the Tang family and pitied them very much. Usually everyone turned a blind eye to them not paying, giving them help wherever they could, but now the situation was different, so they couldn’t help them.

When the middle-aged woman blocking the hospital door heard these words, she who was always strong, dissolved into tears instantly, collapsing to the ground, her thin shoulders trembling, full of despair and helplessness….

“….” The nurses couldn’t bear to look, all of them looking away one after the other.

“Yo… Mrs. Tang, why are you sitting on the ground, is it that you don’t have the money to see a doctor?”

Just then the sharp voice of a woman suddenly came from behind.

Accompanied by the sound of ‘ka-ka-ka’ issued by high-heeled shoes, a middle-aged lady with a body full of luxury goods appeared, accompanied by a teenager.

Tang Nian Bai’s mother looked up with her face full of tears, but the moment she saw the lady, her expression immediately turned cool and indifferent. She stood up from the ground and said coldly, “Li Qianyun, what are you doing here?”

“Of course it’s to come and see what your family looks like in your miserable state!” The lady named Li Qianyun didn’t care about Tang Nian Bai’s mother’s indifferent expression, chuckling lightly: “Tut, I really didn’t expect that the Tang’s, the once high couple who were at the top, would be reduced to such an existence!”

“What, are you satisfied to see the way we are now?” A touch of sarcasm appeared on Tang Nian Bai’s mother’s face, her appearance at this time completely different from when she had just collapsed onto the ground.

She could bow to everyone in the world, but she wouldn’t bow to the woman in front of her!

“Ha ha… It seems the years haven’t worn off those worthless bones of yours!” Li Qianyun sneered and seeing the deputy dean who had just come out of the elevator from the corner of her eyes, walked towards him as she said faintly, “Tut, deputy dean, what kind of charity show are you running here? If a nobody doesn’t have the money to stay in the hospital, you still even allow them to stay in the ward?”

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