This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 103 A desperate mother and son

When the bloated middle-aged man with a greasy face heard Li Qianyun’s words, he stopped and immediately roared at the nurses, “What are you still standing there for? Aren’t you going to push the bed out? Can’t you see other patients waiting?”

Where were there any waiting patients? This was just an excuse but the nurses didn’t dare refute it. They could only glance apologetically at Mother Tang and then push the bed out…

“Deputy dean, I’ll bring all my money at the end of the month, can you…”

Before Mother Tang’s words finished, the bloated deputy dean immediately interrupted her, saying impatiently: “No, you don’t have any job, where will you get the money to pay for the medical and hospital expenses? It’s even good that I haven’t kicked you out entirely, but you’re still lingering around!”

“No, I have a job!” Mother Tang immediately shook her head, trying to explain when Li Qianyun who had been watching the show beside her suddenly covered her mouth and chuckled, “Mrs. Tang, do you mean the housekeeping job you found last month? Sorry, when we spoke about the old times two days ago, it happened that your employer was also there. She felt that your character was a little bad, so she’s going to try to avoid you…”


As soon as Li Qianyun’s words landed, Tang Nian Bai’s mother’s cell phone rang and seeing the caller ID, her face turned white, already understanding that what Li Qianyun had said was true.

Sure enough, hearing the cold voice of the woman on the phone, Mother Tang hung up the phone a little stupefied, unable to help it as she staggered back. If there hadn’t been a wall behind her, afraid she wouldn’t even have the strength to stand up.

“Ha ha…. Mrs. Tang, don’t rush down, it’s not over yet!” Li Qianyun walked over to Mother Tang’s side and patted her on the shoulder, smiling dazzlingly.

“What do you mean…” Mother Tang looked at her.

Li Qianyun lowered her voice and said in a voice only the two could hear: “It doesn’t mean anything, just reminding you that your loan must be paid off this month. Otherwise, your son will probably end up with Mr. Tang.”

Resentful eyes looked at Li Qianyun’s proud face. Mother Tang couldn’t help but raise her hand to Li Qianyun’s face, wanting to slap her. “You this vicious woman!”

Li Qianyun grabbed Mother Tang’s hand and backhanded her. She sneered, “Why don’t you take a look at yourself now. Are you still the same Mrs. Tang of before? Want to hit me?”

It seemed she was thinking of the past as Li Qianyun’s eyes showed a malice, pushing Mother Tang who had no strength left to the medical cart at the side. If she hit it, not even taking in account that she would get hurt, afraid she would even have to pay a lot for the losses incurred….


Tang Nian Bai who had just come out of the elevator saw this scene and immediately rushed to help his mother who was about to hit the medical cart, but the young man beside Li Qianyun who hadn’t spoken suddenly stretched his legs and tripped Tang Nian Bai…

Mother and son both slammed into the medical cart on one side. At the last moment, Tang Nian Bai used his body to protect his mother.


The glass bottles filled with various medicinal liquids all fell to the ground, with Tang Nian Bai falling on the broken glass right there.

“Nian Nian…. Are you okay?” Mother Tang scrambled up, helping Tang Nian Bai who had instantly turned pale up.

Bright red blood leaked from the shirt on Tang Nian Bai’s back. Mother Tang’s heart ached for her son as she became angry at Li Qianyun and her son. She roared somewhat irrationally: “You’re not human, you will suffer retribution!”

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