This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 63 Unpleasant Breakfast

At the table, Ling Tian’s sharp cold eyes fell on the face of Ye Xuan Chen who had snatched his breakfast.

Ye Xuan Chen placed the sandwich in front of him to protect himself, together with the glass of hot milk, his eyes dodging as he whispered: “I just told you, I will come here for breakfast after taking a shower…”

The semi-wet hair on his forehead covered part of his eyes and because he had just taken a shower, his cheeks were a little red at this time, plus his actions of using the food to protect himself and his expression made Ye Xuan Chen look rather pitiful.

Ling Tian’s heart slid strangely, the index finger of the hand on his leg tightening slightly, but the expression on his face became colder, “How do you know my password!”

He had locked the door, this point he remembered very well.

“You didn’t hide your password, of course I know it.” Ye Xuan Chen answered truthfully.

Ling Tian was silent, just looking at him coldly.

Ye Xuan Chen was a little uncomfortable with this look. He coughed softly: “Cough. Don’t be so mean, I’m just eating your breakfast. In the future… I’ll invite you out to dinner.”

He had wanted to say that in the future, I’m all yours, but in order to avoid being thrown out, Ye Xuan Chen changed his words.

“This looks very nice.” Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes fell on the fully fragrant sandwich in front of him and licked his lips gently. He reached out to pick up the sandwich and took a big bite…

However, no matter how beautiful his imagination was, Ye Xuan Chen’s mind wanted to break down now.

As soon as Ye Xuan Chen chewed two mouthfuls, his whole face turned green, his delicate features crumpled together, every cell in his body clamoring, this stuff was too unpalatable (■皿■;)

Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t be blamed for his expression. After all, he was a person from the Immortal Realm. This western-style sandwich, to him, he had no way of adapting to it.

“….” Ling Tian’s face turned black. Although his sandwich was not as good as that of a top chef’s, he didn’t need to use this expression to ‘insult’ him!

Ye Xuan Chen noticed Ling Tian’s suddenly black face and wanted to explain, but he hadn’t swallowed the thing in his mouth yet, so Ye Xuan Chen took the milk by the side and drank a mouthful, ready to give his mouth something to swallow it with.


However, as soon as the milk touched the tip of his tongue, Ye Xuan Chen sprayed it out without holding back.

Choked by the mouth full of milk, he kept coughing, “Cough, cough… what… what the hell is this! Why is this smell… ugh!!!”

He didn’t finish speaking when he saw Ling Tian’s face that was covered with the milk he had just sprayed out. Ye Xuan Chen said to himself: I’m done!

“So… sorry, Ling Tian, I didn’t mean to….”

Woo woo… He really didn’t mean to!

Ling Tian slowly opened his eyes, milk sliding down his angular face. His white shirt was wet with milk and there were a few sandwich crumbs also sprayed by Ye Xuan Chen.


Ling Tian only spat out a word and an invisible storm condensed around him, the temperature in the entire room dropping by several degrees, showing he was extremely angry.

“…” Ye Xuan Chen had a heart full of distress, but he swallowed back the many words he wanted to explain with. Awkwardly putting down the milk and sandwich he hadn’t finished yet, Ye Xuan Chen covered his head in his hands. “Ok, I’ll scram immediately…”

He knew speaking at this time would be tantamount to pouring oil into the fire, so Ye Xuan Chen immediately ‘scrammed’ from Ling Tian’s apartment.

When Ye Xuan Chen left, Ling Tian went to the bathroom with a gloomy face…

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