This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 65 What about the agreed reluctance?

Nie Xiao Jiu pulled Ye Xuan Chen aside and frowned, “Hey! What happened to you? Isn’t Ling Tian your rival, why do you keep playing up to him, looking like a little flatterer? Is your head still not okay?”

Saying this, he placed his hand on Ye Xuan Chen’s forehead to see if he had a fever.

He had wanted to ask him this when he ran into him by the riverside in the morning, but his big brother didn’t give him the chance at all, so Nie Xiao Jiu planned to come to the school to ask.

“Don’t talk nonsense, he’s not my rival!” Ye Xuan Chen’s face turned black, batting Nie Xiao Jiu’s paw away from his forehead.

After a pause, Ye Xuan Chen frowned, asking doubtfully “Do I really look like a little flatterer?”

Nie Xiao Jiu immediately nodded like a hen pecking rice. “Yes, yes, if it wasn’t for him being a man, I would think you were chasing a girl…”

After hearing Nie Xiao Jiu’s words, the corners of Ye Xuan Chen’s lips hooked up, revealing a very mysterious smile.

“….” Nie Xiao Jiu didn’t understand the meaning behind his smile, but was too lazy to ask, because intuition told him that Ye Xuan Chen wouldn’t tell him anything!

When the bell rang, Nie Xiao Jiu was already asleep on the table.

All kinds of noises and whispers disappeared immediately after the head teacher Liang Kuan entered.

“Cough, class, there’s something important I have to announce to you today!” Liang Kuan stood upright next to the podium and looked at the students below with a smile.

“As we all know, our school recently organized an excellent teacher selection event. The selected teachers will be qualified to represent our school and participate in an international exchange…”

When Liang Kuan spoke up till here, he paused slightly, scanned each person’s face with loving eyes and said in a louder voice than just now, “And I!! I’m very lucky to have been chosen by the school, so I may have to say goodbye to everyone for a while, but the new substitute teacher will take over!”

After two seconds of silence…..

“Wow, so its true. I heard that the substitute teacher is a young talent dug up from country M. That person is very handsome!”

“How handsome? Is he more handsome than male god Ling?”

“I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to it!”

“I want to see the substitute class teacher soon, I want to see how inviolably handsome he really is…”

“…” The expression on Liang Kuan’s face gradually solidified. How could this scene be different from the scene he had imagined where his students would be reluctant, saying goodbye with tears???

He tucked the paper tissues he had prepared in his hands into his sleeves quietly and hit the table heavily, signaling for everyone to quiet down and then with a stiff smile pulled at the the corner of lips, said, “Let’s welcome the substitute head teacher…” (ノ ` ⊿´ ) ノ

With Liang Kuan’s perfunctory applause, all eyes looked in the direction of the door, especially the girls, whose eyes were like predators, craning their necks, looking towards the door of the classroom.

Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes also looked over…

The man was in a pure white shirt, black straight casual pants, plus a navy blue windbreaker, exquisite features, fair and transparent skin, very much like a character from an anime.

Especially the clean temperament that was coming from him, which made every student, including Ye Xuan Chen, favor this new teacher.

Fu Siyu went to the podium and looked at the people below with a smile. “Hello students. I’m the new substitute head teacher Fu Siyu. I hope I can spend the next half month happily with you.”

His voice sounded good, like the notes coming out of a cello, deep and long…

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