This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 66 Fu Siyu


There was instant applause in the classroom.

As if the person standing on the podium wasn’t a teacher, but an extremely popular international superstar!

“….” Liang Kuan’s face turned black. He wanted to yell: All of you stop, although he wasn’t really leaving, you don’t need to be so happy right?

At least I took care of you as students. Isn’t there even a little bit of teacher-student relationship?

Actually ‘abandoning the old for the new’, can’t you see me standing embarrassed by the side?

Although Liang Kuan’s heart was broken into pieces, the handover still had to continue, so he raised his hand, motioning everyone to be quiet before he said, “I hope that in the short time that I’m away, you’ll listen to Mr. Fu and not give him any trouble.”

In fact, don’t give him trouble at all, after all, Fu Siyu was only acting as the head teacher. If this gang of little bastards made trouble, the punishment will be put on his head (╥_╥)

“Teacher Liang rest assured, we’ll definitely study hard!”

“Yes! We won’t make things difficult for Teacher Fu!”

“Teacher Liang, please go in peace, we will be good….”

Liang Kuan: “…”!!!

What the hell is go in peace???

In order to not let his blood pressure rise, Liang Kuan glared at the innocent Fu Siyu and strode out of the classroom, but before he left, his sullen expression made Ye Xuan Chen unable to help but laugh out loud.

Because he just happened to see, Liang Kuan quietly stuffing the tissues he had prepared back into his sleeve, so he could just imagine Liang Kuan’s mood right now, wanting to vomit three liters of blood.

“This classmate, what are you laughing at?” Fu Siyu looked at Ye Xuan Chen in confusion.

When he said this, other students also looked over.

“…” Ye Xuan Chen didn’t expect that he would be ‘caught red handed’. It was said, that a new officer made bold changes after assuming his new post. This guy wasn’t going to take the opportunity to use him to establish his might right?

But he didn’t expect Fu Siyu to just smile a little and say, “Classmate, please wake your deskmate up, class is already in session.”

His tone wasn’t forceful, but it revealed a certain type of magic that couldn’t be rejected.

Ye Xuan Chen looked down, looked at Nie Xiao Jiu who was sleeping like a dead pig next to him, raised his hand, poked his clothes gently, and said in a voice that was tinier than that of a mosquito’s: “Nie Xiao Jiu, wake up, class is already in session.”


Everyone was speechless. = _ =!

Young master Ye, are you sure this is how to call someone? Is this not you being afraid of waking him up instead?

“Sorry. Teacher, I can’t wake him up.” Ye Xuan Chen shrugged innocently.

Fu Siyu frowned slightly, his clear eyes looked at Ye Xuan Chen then he said, “… Okay, let’s start.”

He wasn’t too strict, after all, today was his first day.

Because of Fu Siyu, maths class that originally bored the students became more lively, with a lot of girls scrambling to answer questions.

Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t help but say to himself: Sure enough, no matter which world it was, the creatures that were called women, were the most terrible. Thinking of the ‘fear’ he had had that year when he had been chased after by many girls, Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t help shivering.

However, the looks of the body he was using now seemed to be even more of an evildoer than his original one.

Fortunately, the original owner was arrogant and domineering, except for his good looks and family history, he was like a local rogue in every other aspect, at least in the eyes of school people.

So even if someone thinks he was good looking and liked him, they didn’t have the courage to harass him.

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