This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 70 The wind changes, the frog turns into a prince

“Concerning this issue, I’ll find the chance to apologize to Ling Tian!” Ye Xuan Chen put his hands in his pockets, the look on his face very serious.

Su Han hmphed: “You better keep your word, otherwise I’ll ignore you three in the future.”

The last time Ye Xuan Chen used her cell phone to send Gu Xue’er a message to ask her out. At that time, Su Han was completely unaware of the incident. If it hadn’t been for Gu Xue’er coming to scold her later, she wouldn’t have known about it until now.

“Hey! Sis, the two of us didn’t do anything. Don’t involve us okay!” Yun Mu Han raised his hand and hit Su Han on the forehead gently.

Nie Xiao Jiu nodded in agreement: “That’s right!”

Su Han snorted, “Humph! You were accomplices last time.”


Regarding this video that had suddenly come out, Ye Xuan Chen didn’t feel that it had any impact on him, at most he only felt it was a bit humiliating.

So he didn’t ask Nie Xiao Jiu to find someone to delete it, but let it develop. In just one afternoon, the video’s traffic had broken through to tens of thousands and the comments were up to thousands.

However! In the evening, after school, there was another post about Ye Xuan Chen on the forum and this post was also in video form. The content of the video happened to be when Ye Xuan Chen was on the basketball court that day and it had been accidentally recorded.

As soon as this video came out, not only did the girls go crazy, even the blood of those boys who liked to play basketball heated up. That was a basket full of basketballs! Ye Xuan Chen actually shot all of them and the distance he had been standing at was quite far.

The girls couldn’t believe it. In the video in the morning, a person with yellow hair and a non fashionable dress, who wasn’t much different from ordinary people in the society, in the blink of an eye had become so handsome, this was simply a frog turning into a prince.

And the boys praised Ye Xuan Chen’s unfailing accurate shots, admiring him from the bottom of their hearts. This was simply a mythical existence, so Ye Xuan Chen was immediately crowned the ‘basketball god’ by the boys.

Although Ye Xuan Chen’s ‘transformation’ had already occurred a while ago and many people in the school knew about it, after such a wave on the internet, Ye Xuan Chen’s image in the hearts of everyone really changed.

For a while, the campus forum boiled continuously like a hot pot. The video of Ye Xuan Chen shoting hoops surpassed Ling Tian’s post in just a few minutes. The comments that followed were all in the same pattern. Nie Xiao Jiu who was scrolling could feel the craziness of those girls.

“Tut, my god, so sensational.” Nie Xiao Jiu was speechless.

Yun Mu Han also nodded: “It’s more sensational than I expected.”

“Ah?” Su Han’s mouth opened slightly, asking in surprise: “You two uploaded this video?”

Yun Mu Han raised his eyebrows slightly. “Naturally. The video in the morning was obviously aimed at Xuan Chen. The internet is a terrible thing. If it is not suppressed, it will have a terrible impact on Xuan Chen.”

Although it could be said that with the Ye Group around, this video couldn’t make a big wave, it will be hard to avoid others watching it.

“That’s right.” Nie Xiao Jiu nodded and at the same time raised his hand to give Yun Mu Han a high five.

In the video that morning where Ye Xuan Chen had hit someone, although Ye Xuan Chen said it was okay, Nie Xiao Jiu and Yun Mu Han couldn’t stand by and watch others scold Ye Xuan Chen like that.

And this basketball video was simply a big surprise. It not only covered the video at noon, but also washed Ye Xuan Chen’s image clean and upgraded him from a foolish school hooligan to a male god.

Ye Xuan Chen smiled at the two of them: “Thank you.”

Although he didn’t care what other people thought, he was still very touched by Nie Xiao Jiu and Yun Mu Han’s concern….

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