This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 75 The instigator of the car accident

Ling Tian pursed his lips, a peculiar silky stroke in his heart, because every dish Ye Xuan Chen had ordered all leaned to his taste…

As they ate, Nie Xiao Jiu was completely depressed, because he felt the temperature around the table get colder and colder, before finally a smell of gunpowder filled the air…

At this moment, Ye Xuan Chen inadvertently looked up and suddenly saw a man in a suit and leather shoes at the entrance, looking slightly like a gentleman.

Ye Zi Cheng? Why was he here?

Then he saw a burly man dressed like a bodyguard walk to the side of Ye Zi Cheng, make a gesture of invitation to him and then lead him up the stairs and around the corner, as if going to a private room.

Before going upstairs, Ye Zi Cheng tidied up his appearance, seeming to not want to make a bad impression on the person he was about to meet.

Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes narrowed and feeling that Ye Zi Cheng was behaving very abnormally, got up and said to Ling Tian and the others: “I’m going to the bathroom for a minute.”


Except for Nie Xiao Jiu, the other two didn’t even look up.

Reaching the bathroom door, Ye Xuan Chen saw that no one was paying attention to this side and went to the second floor…

Just as he went up the stairs, Ye Xuan Chen saw Ye Zi Cheng enter a private room. Ye Xuan Chen trotted over quickly, but the door of the private room closed, so he didn’t see anything.

Ye Xuan Chen stood at the door with a frown. Just as the door was about to close, he’d vaguely heard a voice, very familiar, very much like Long Ge’s!

Ye Zi Cheng and Long Ge?


Ye Xuan Chen’s lips rose up in a sneer. He put his hands in his pockets, leaned back against the wall, then put his ears close to it….

The material that had been used to build the wall had a very strong sound insulation effect. Even ordinary people wouldn’t be able to hear the sounds inside even if they used a hearing aid. However… Ye Xuan Chen wasn’t an ordinary person.

This private room was very big. In addition to the large table in the middle full of various dishes, there was a set of sofas next to the window and Long Ge was sitting on one at the moment.

After Ye Zi Cheng entered, his eyes swept around the private room in a circle and saw that apart from a few bodyguards, there was only Long Ge on the sofa. He moved towards the sofa and sat down, frowning, “What about Mr. James?”

Long Ge pushed the glass of red wine that had already been prepared in front of Ye Zi Cheng and smiled, “President Ye! Don’t be so anxious, with Mr. James’ identity, so what if we wait a little longer?”

Ye Zi Cheng took the wine glass and twirled it gently in his hands, at the sane time leaning back on the sofa as he said, “Of course!”

Gently taking a sip of the red wine, Ye Zi Cheng looked at Long Ge with a smile. “Long Ge, since Mr. James isn’t here yet, why not talk about us first?”

“Oh? What do you want to talk about?” A glimmer of light flashed in Long Ge’s eyes. Actually, he had already guessed what Ye Zi Cheng wanted to say.

Sure enough, Ye Zi Cheng said: “Last time I gave you such a big project, but what you promised me doesn’t seem to have been completed. That little bastard is still alive and kicking!”

Long Ge: “President Ye, can you blame me regarding this matter? Who knew he could survive from such a serious car accident!”

“Hmph! Who is to blame for this other than you guys? If it wasn’t for that bastard losing his memories, our plan would have been disrupted long ago.” Ye Zi Cheng’s face was very ugly. If it hadn’t been for Ye Xuan Chen losing his memories, the things he had done, afraid it would already be known by the Ye couple long ago.

Putting aside the serious consequences of being discovered, the worst thing was that he would face life in prison after obtaining nothing!

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