This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 79 Are you trying to throw yourself into my arms?

But the house was so big and surrounded by the furniture, Ye Xuan Chen couldn’t really fight Ling Tian, so he just dodged blindly. After a few rounds, he had already received several punches.

Ye Xuan Chen gritted his teeth, endured the pain and continued to avoid the drunk and unrecognizable Ling Tian.

There was a cold gleam in Ling Tian’s slightly drunken eyes, it seemed as if he could feel that he hadn’t won the other side after so long, and so was very upset.

Soon Ling Tian approached Ye Xuan Chen again. This time, he swept a leg over. He succeeded in hitting Ye Xuan Chen accurately who fell to the ground on the spot.

“Ow! You bastard!” Ye Xuan Chen cried.

But the next second Ye Xuan Chen’s soul almost flew out if his body from fright because in the next moment, Ling Tian’s fierce punch came down. If it hit him, his sternum would break…

In that moment he couldn’t escape, so Ye Xuan Chen had to hook his leg around his ankle, making Ling Tian unstable with its strong force, instantly making him lose his focus and fall forward.

“Ah… be careful!” Ye Xuan Chen who was on the floor, rolled in front of Ling Tian the moment he fell, becoming Ling Tian’s human cushion.


It would have been better to have taken that punch!!

After this fall, Ling Tian seemed to have sobered up a little. He sat up from Ye Xuan Chen, shook his head gently and couldn’t help rubbing his temples in pain.

…. Do you really think of me as a human cushion? Ye Xuan Chen thought quietly.

Ling Tian frowned, got up from the ‘ground’ with difficulty and walked to the bedroom…

Ye Xuan Chen quickly followed when he saw this.

After Ling Tian entered the bedroom he went directly into the bathroom. Listening to the sound of the ‘shower’ at the door, Ye Xuan Chen stopped. After waiting for about two minutes, Ling Tian came out…..

In the dim room, Ling Tian leaned against the bathroom door and squinted slightly, deep eyes filled with a little drunkenness. His eyes fell on Ye Xuan Chen who was looking at him with a smile and arms crossed over his chest. Ling Tian frowned, his dull voice a little cold: “Get out…”

“I won’t go! I’ll be sleeping here today!” Ye Xuan Chen beamed.

My own house, why should I get out? You’re the one who should get out okay?

But… he was happy to take someone in.

“Hmph!” Ling Tian snorted coldly and without saying a word threw a punch. Ye Xuan Chen was prepared from earlier, he grabbed Ling Tian’s wrist with one hand and skillfully shifted his arm. The other hand held Ling Tian’s waist and applying force to his body, pushed Ling Tian onto the bed…

“Are you trying to throw yourself into my arms?” Ye Xuan Chen pressed on Ling Tian, deliberately putting his lips against Ling Tian’s ears, spraying his hot breath on that sensitive skin.

Ling Tian’s body suddenly tightened. Through their thin clothes, Ye Xuan Chen could clearly feel the full explosiveness of his muscles.

But at the same time a cold chill also emanated from Ling Tian. His hand that wasn’t being held came directly to Ye Xuan Chen’s head, but he just moved when Ye Xuan Chen also grabbed that hand and connecting it to the first one, Ye Xuan Chen raised them together with a single hand over his head and pressed them to the bed.

A layer of fog invisible to the ordinary human eye came out from Ye Xuan Chen’s palm, and the spiritual power Ye Xuan Chen used made Ling Tian simply unable to break free from his hold.

Although now Ye Xuan Chen was still unable to release spiritual energy, it was more than enough to suppress Ling Tian who had less than half his strength!

“You said that you would always dote on me… but now you’re going back on your word!” Ye Xuan Chen said this right beside Ling Tian’s ears, a bit of resentment and dissatisfaction in his voice.

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