This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 82 Quick what are you waiting for come and undress me….

Nie Nan Feng didn’t talk, he just stared at him.

“…” Nie Xiao Jiu couldn’t tell whether his big brother was drunk or not.

To say he was drunk, Nie Nan Feng’s face at the moment was still as cold as usual. After drinking so much wine, his face wasn’t even look red!

To say he wasn’t drunk, but thinking of Nie Nan Feng who had just hit his head on the door… = _ =!

But no matter what, his little heart couldn’t bear his big brother’s eyes that looked like he was on trial! 😣

“Ha…. Big brother, would you like to take a shower?” Nie Xiao Jiu scratched his head and suggested.

“En.” Nie Nan Feng nodded, got up and walked to the bathroom.

Without the pressure from Nie Nan Feng’s gaze, Nie Xiao Jiu just breathed a sigh of relief when he heard a ‘bang’ sound again!

Turning his head, Nie Xiao Jiu’s hair stood on ends. He saw that Nie Nan Feng was covering his forehead at the moment, and just now he seemed to have hit his head on the bathroom door, and judging by his actions this time, he seemed to be wanting to kick away the obstacles in front of him.

“Big big big… Big brother I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” Nie Xiao Jiu hugged Nie Nan Feng and stopped him from kicking the door in time, at the same time raising his hand to push the bathroom door open.

“You…. you can go in.” Nie Xiao Jiu pulled out a stiff smile, eyes falling on Nie Nan Feng’s forehead that had been hit twice. Eh… he was drunk right?

Nie Nan Feng stared at the bathroom door that hit his forehead for a long while, cold air whizzing out from his body and just when Nie Xiao Jiu thought Nie Nan Feng would kick the door again,

Nie Nan Feng finally stepped into the bathroom. Nie Xiao Jiu breathed out another sigh of relief. Big brother was absolutely drunk, how terrible.

However, he had just released a sigh of relief when he saw with his eyes that Nie Nan Feng was about to step on empty space instead of the bathroom stairs. Nie Xiao Jiu hurriedly rushed past like an arrow….

And Nie Nan Feng who had just stepped on empty space fell forward and his head was facing the bathtub on the side. If his head smashed against it, afraid he would have to call an ambulance today and Nie Nan Feng would also make the headlines tomorrow…

But this was what was going through Nie Xiao Jiu’s mind as he ran over, fortunately he caught Nie Nan Feng in time and once again avoided the occurrence of another tragedy!

“Big brother… how about you get up and take a shower tomorrow morning?” Nie Xiao Jiu said with a sullen expression.

For the first time in his life, he felt that taking a shower was a dangerous thing.

“No!” Nie Nan Feng refused, his attitude very firm.

Nie Xiao Jiu: “….”

He was now 100% certain that Nie Nan Feng was drunk. Leaving him alone in the bathroom, what if the incident that just occurred happened again?

“Then I will help you take a shower.” Nie Xiao Jiu finally compromised.

With him standing guard beside him, any accidents could be prevented in time, Nie Xiao Jiu thought very simply.

“Alright.” A very rare happy smile appeared on Nie Nan Feng’s cold face, but that smile was extremely light, so light that it wasn’t easy to notice it.

“Er… Big brother! What are you doing!?” Nie Xiao Jiu looked at Nie Nan Feng who had spread out his hands with a ‘quick what are you waiting for come and undress me’ expression, a stupefied look on his face, a bad feeling suddenly rising.

Nie Nan Feng: “Shower!”

“….” Nie Xiao Jiu was petrified. He felt as if he had lifted a stone and dropped it his own foot.

Looking at the stunned Nie Xiao Jiu, Nie Nan Feng’s eyebrows wrinkled in displeasure, then he took a step forward, approaching Nie Xiao Jiu, the meaning in his eyes couldn’t be more obvious — won’t you hurry up!

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