This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 85 Xiao Jiu, do you like life now?

Nie Xiao Jiu saw that Nie Nan Feng hadn’t come out for a long time and couldn’t help knocking on the bathroom door. “Big brother! Are you all right?”

It couldn’t be that he was still not sober or that he fallen asleep in the bathroom right?

As Nie Xiao Jiu was worrying about all kinds of scenarios his brain was feeding him, the bathroom door suddenly opened and Nie Nan Feng wearing a bathrobe passed by Nie Xiao Jiu with a cold air.

“Big brother, I made you a cup of sobering tea and put it on the table.”

After Nie Xiao Jiu said this, he went into the bathroom to take a shower.

A moment later, there was a terrible howl from the bathroom: “Ah ya ya ya ya! Cold…. cold water…. ah!”

“…” Nie Nan Feng glanced back at the closed bathroom, faintly retracted his eyes, walked to Nie Xiao Jiu’s desk and picked up the sober tea.

When Nie Xiao Jiu came out of the bathroom, Nie Nan Feng seemed to have fallen asleep, so he turned off the lights lightly and quietly climbed into the bed, all his movements careful, afraid of waking Nie Nan Feng up.

“I’m not asleep yet.” Nie Nan Feng’s voice suddenly sounded.

“Oh…” Nie Xiao Jiu’s movements paused, then he opened the quilt and lay down beside Nie Nan Feng.

The atmosphere was quiet for a while. Nie Xiao Jiu turned to faced Nie Nan Feng and opened his mouth: “Big brother, let’s chat.”

He kept feeling that Nie Nan Feng was too lonely. Abroad, there must certainly be no one to chat with big brother or something. When he remembered the loneliness and sadness big brother had just exposed in the bathroom, his heart felt a little stuffy.

In the dark night, Nie Xiao Jiu’s twinkling eyes exuded a little bit of starry light, which made the rejection that had been about to come out from Nie Nan Feng’s lips turn into a faint “Um.”

Nie Xiao Jiu saw that Nie Nan Feng had agreed and was happy in his heart, even rubbing closer to Nie Nan Feng a few times.

“Big brother, let me tell you something about Mu Han….”


Nie Xiao Jiu said excitedly: “At that time, when we were in high school Yun Mu Han liked a certain senior…”

Five minutes later…

“Ha ha! You don’t know. At the end of the prom, when Xiao Mu found that he had kissed the wrong person, the look on his face, like he had been struck by a bolt of lightening almost got me laughing for almost a year!”

Nie Xiao Jiu was lying on the bed, his shoulders shaking from laughter. After laughing for a while, he found that Nie Nan Feng wasn’t laughing…

“Big brother, isn’t it funny?” Nie Xiao Jiu asked a bit perturbed.

Nie Nan Feng: “Hah …”

“…” Nie Xiao Jiu pouted. Wasn’t that a perfunctory laughing sound???

Nie Xiao Jiu didn’t give up, searching through various memories in his mind, he didn’t believe, that he wouldn’t be able to make his big brother laugh today!

“Ah choo…”

At this moment, Yun Mu Han who was sitting on the sofa playing cards with Su Han couldn’t help but sneeze uncontrollably.

Yun Mu Han looked around, puzzled. How come he felt as if he had been stripped of his clothes?

Nie Xiao Jiu spoke a lot. About the embarrassing things of Yun Mu Han and Ye Xuan Chen and Nie Nan Feng, like a ‘paid stooge’ gave him only one word, “hah…”

While Nie Xiao Jiu was questioning life, Nie Nan Feng suddenly said, “Xiao Jiu…”

Nie Xiao Jiu: “Ah?”

Nie Nan Feng asked lightly, “Do you like life now?”

Even though he couldn’t see the expression on Nie Nan Feng’s face at this moment, Nie Xiao Jiu could tell that big brother was asking this question very seriously.

So Nie Xiao Jiu thought carefully, before he said, “Yes! I’m very happy every day…”

In the dark, Nie Nan Feng’s mouth twitched with a bitter smile, an extremely complex look in his black eyes.

This was the Xiao Jiu he wanted to see the most.

Happy, carefree, the air around him always warm.

“Then that’s good…”

Since he had given him a new life, he shouldn’t… pull him into the abyss again.

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