This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 90 Lying on top of Nie Nan Feng…

He used to think that danger didn’t exist in the mortal world, but after refining the memories of the original owner, he didn’t think so.

There were many dangers in this world, especially the ones concerning the plenty mess the original owner had left behind. With his almost invisible cultivation now, he had to be careful about everything.

So, Ye Xuan Chen’s lips hooked up at the corners as he pointed to Ling Tian who was planning to leave and said to Cheng Yalin: “Mom, Ling Tian will take care of me. If I have any health issues problems, he will notify you as soon as possible. So you can assured, with Ling Tian here, nothing will happen to me.”

Saying this, Ye Xuan Chen also pulled Ling Tian’s sleeves with his hand, “Isn’t that right? Ling Tian….”

Ling Tian frowned, Ye Xuan Chen said this as if they were familiar with each other. He wouldn’t spend time watching him, much less taking care of him…

But looking at those peach blossom eyes asking for help…

Ling Tian finally gave a faint ‘um’.

Looking Ye Xuan Chen’s expression, it seemed he just wanted to go through the motions with his mother. He was doing him this favor, to repay for last night’s favor.

“This…” Cheng Yalin’s face showed embarrassment, feeling that even if this was the case, she still wouldn’t feel at easy if he wasn’t staying at home.

Ye Xuan Chen immediately interrupted Cheng Yalin’s words, “Then it’s decided. Mom, if you still feel uneasy, you can come and see me at any time. I’m not running away from home, I’m just living in a different place. Anyways, you’re also often away from home so for me it makes no difference.”

Cheng Yalin felt a little guilty. Indeed, they husband and wife were usually busy with company affairs and most of the time were away on business trips.

“Young master… but I’m at home!” The housekeeper said with a slightly twisted expression.

The difference between an apartment and the Ye home, was he this all-round capable housekeeper.

Ye Xuan Chen: “…”! ! !

“Alright then.” Cheng Yalin finally compromised, then she expressed her gratitude to Ling Tian: “Then I’ll trouble Ling Tian to take care of my Chen Chen.”

During this time, the company had a big project, so she and her husband were probably going to be busy for a while.

Ling Tian: “No need.” Anyway, he won’t really take care of Ye Xuan Chen.

But when this entered Cheng Yalin’s ears, it had another meaning, that was, you’re welcome. So in Cheng Yalin’s heart, Ling Tian’s favorability instantly reached 99+

Without waiting for Cheng Yalin to say thank you, Ling Tian said lightly, “I’m leaving first.”

He didn’t want to stay here for one more minute. One was because he hadn’t taken a shower last night, which made him who had OCD very uncomfortable, the other reason was because Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes that fell on him occasionally, constantly reminded him of that dream, so after taking his coat, Ling Tian went directly to the bedroom door behind the housekeeper and left Ye Xuan Chen’s apartment.

Ye Xuan Chen looked at Ling Tian’s appearance that almost looked like he was escaping and a ruffian like smile unconsciously rose on his lips.

Nie Xiao Jiu opened his eyes in confusion, feeling that the ‘bed’ he was sleeping on seemed to be very hard. He originally thought he had rolled off the bed and was sleeping on the floor, but never expected that he was lying on top of Nie Nan Feng’s body…


And Nie Nan Feng’s shirt was wide open, exposing his fine strong chest and the culprit that did it seemed to be the two claws that were on Nie Nan Feng’s chest!!

However, that wasn’t the worst, what was worse was… On Nie Nan Feng’s chest, there was a small pool of crystalline liquid. Nie Xiao Jiu’s mouth pumped at the corners, if he hadn’t guessed wrong, it was his own saliva!!!

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