This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 96 Jade pendant space (2)

A sense of tension suddenly spread through Ling Tian’s whole body. What this feeling was, Ling Tian didn’t think about it.

He raised his hand and knocked on Ye Xuan Chen’s apartment door.


There was no response.

Combined with the loud noise from before, the scream of Ye Xuan Chen, and now that his apartment was so quiet, Ling Tian was certain that something had happened to Ye Xuan Chen.

Subconsciously, Ling Tian didn’t want to concern himself with this because Ye Xuan Chen to him, was just an insignificant person.

Moreover if he hadn’t come back just now, he wouldn’t have encountered this scene and this matter would have developed naturally, and also he wasn’t his housekeeper, why the f*ck should he care about this?

Although he thought so, Ling Tian’s hand typed in the password to Ye Xuan Chen’s apartment…

After keying in six zeros in a row, the apartment door opened immediately.

Ling Tian froze, he actually just wanted to give it a try, but didn’t expect that it would really open.

…. That night, what was true and what was a dream?

Suppressing the thought in his heart, Ling Tian pushed the door in.

Sweeping his eyes in a large circle over the empty living room, Ling Tian went straight to Ye Xuan Chen’s bedroom…

On the bed, Ye Xuan Chen was holding a jade pendant in his hand, eyes closed, seeming to be asleep.

“Ye Xuan Chen.” Ling Tian frowned as he called.

The man on the bed lay there quietly without giving any response…

Ling Tian walked over and reached out to touch Ye Xuan Chen’s forehead. No signs of fever and Ye Xuan Chen’s complexion looked rosy, it also didn’t look like he had some kind sickness.

Suddenly, Ling Tian’s pupils contracted, because he found that Ye Xuan Chen wasn’t breathing!!!

However his heartbeat and pulse were beating normally, he was just not breathing!

And at this time, in the jade pendant space, Ye Xuan Chen looked at the ‘room’ he was in. At first, he was in a little bit of a daze but soon reacted. It should be his consciousness that had entered the jade pendant.

“I didn’t expect that this jade pendant has a storage space…” Ye Xuan Chen looked around at this not-so-large storage space with his hands across his chest.

If it was in the Immortal Realm, such a small storage space, Ye Xuan Chen would definitely not look at it, but in this modern era without cultivators, this was a big treasure.

“It looks like I have to find a chance to thank Long Ge.” Ye Xuan Chen’s lips twitched with a smile. Long Ge actually gave him such a big gift, he suddenly felt that that guy was a bit pleasing to the eyes.

Ye Xuan Chen wasn’t anxious to withdraw his consciousness from the jade pendant, because he planned to refine it before going out. Only in this way, could he make this thing completely his, then he would be able to use it freely.

Because he was still relatively weak, so it took some time to refine the jade pendant.

Back from the jade space, Ye Xuan Chen hadn’t yet opened his eyes when he heard a middle-aged male’s voice in his ear: “If the patient has had a car accident before, now that he is in this situation, it may be that the car accident left behind some psychological shadows, I think it’s better if you send him to the hospital for a careful examination.”

“Alright, I understand Uncle Shen.” Chu Jun Yan nodded, smiling at the middle-aged man standing beside the bed as he said: “Letting you come here so late, it’s been hard on you.”

“How come, I didn’t do anything.” The middle-aged man waved his hand, put the instruments inside his medical kit, then said to Ling Tian and Chu Jun Yan: “This kind of false death of the patient, it’s my first time seeing it, so it would be better if you get him to the hospital.”

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