This evil one is from the Immortal Realm A

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 99 Bloody Lesson?

The next day, Ye Xuan Chen still came on time for the morning run behind Ling Tian, the flower like smile on his face making Ling Tian suspect that the lonely figure he had seen last night was an illusion.

However Ling Tian didn’t say much, as indifferent to Ye Xuan Chen as he was before.

After having breakfast with Ling Tian, Ye Xuan Chen hurried to school but didn’t expect to meet a little accident on the way…

As he was passing by the snack street near the gate of the school, a cry of pain caught Ye Xuan Chen’s attention.

This snack street was almost always open, so it was practically deserted at this time in the morning. Ye Xuan Chen felt that the sound was familiar, so he stopped and looked inside.

He saw that in the deepest part of the street, a group of people who were dressed completely like thugs were punching and kicking at someone.

Through the legs of the thugs, Ye Xuan Chen could see clearly that the person on the ground being beaten, was Tang Nian Bai.

Because of Ling Tian, Ye Xuan Chen had a little bit of an impression of him.

Frowning, Ye Xuan Chen raised his foot and kicked the barbecue stall’s sign next to him. The material used for the sign was an iron plate, so when he kicked it, it immediately produced a ‘bang’ sound.

The harsh sound immediately made the group of thugs stop moving, their displeased eyes instantly sweeping over.

A red haired guy in leather clothes with cuts on the surface turned to face Ye Xuan Chen, shouting fiercely: “Kid, can’t you seen we’re teaching our younger brother a little lesson? Are you looking for death?”

“How come it looks like you’re bullying someone to me?” Ye Xuan Chen’s lips rose in an evil arc, hands in his pockets as he slowly walked up to them.

“What? Kid, you want to meddle?” The red haired guy saw Ye Xuan Chen coming over and his face sank in immediately.

Ye Xuan Chen nodded when he heard his words: “Indeed I want to meddle a bit, you really understand me.”

A tall and sturdy guy next to the red haired guy immediately sneered: “These days, those who don’t know whether they want to live or not are becoming plenty.”

“Ha ha ha ha, just a little pale faced kid, I can send you flying several metres with one kick.” The red haired guy looked up and down at Ye Xuan Chen and immediately burst into laughter.

“Send me flying with one kick?” Ye Xuan Chen raised his eyebrows, his lips hooked up in a smile: “You can try.”

His tone was light, not forceful, but when it reached the ears of the thugs, he sounded very arrogant.

“Hmph! Looking for death!” Red hair snorted coldly and sent a kick directly to Ye Xuan Chen’s abdomen.

He had learned a little bit of martial arts, so his move was quite clean, considerably strong.

However, what was unexpected was that his foot hadn’t yet completely spread out when his whole body flew out.


Red hair hit the trash can behind the other thugs, then rolled out together with the large bucket of rubbish.

The others were stunned at first, then furious. A big sturdy guy said with hatred, “F*ck, it seems he has also undergone some training, let’s go together, beat him to death!”

Only saw six to seven people rush immediately towards Ye Xuan Chen. Some even picked up the steel pipes and bricks on the ground. It seemed they intended to teach Ye Xuan Chen a bloody lesson!

Tang Nian Bai had already struggled to sit up from the ground at this time. His glasses had been broken long ago and a trail of blood had slipped to the corner of his eye, which made his already myopic eyes even more blurry.

But he recognized Ye Xuan Chen’s voice, so as he saw the few blurred shadows surrounding him, he couldn’t help warning him: “Be careful!”

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