This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 67 Want to know my new neighbor

Ye Xuan Chen, who had refined the original owner’s memories, actually had some sympathy for him.

Because the original owner skipping classes, fighting, frequenting bars, etc., was all to attract the attention of his parents, because the original owner’s happiest days, was when he fought with someone, got injured and was sent to the hospital and his parents would come to the hospital with worried looks.

Because only then will they take the time to accompany him.

Later, after meeting Gu Xue’er, the original owner did less of these stupid things, and spent a lot of time chasing Gu Xue’er.

But the original owner often changed girlfriends to get close to Gu Xue’er, because each of them had some connection with Gu Xue’er.

Actually, concerning this point, Ye Xuan chen really wanted to complain. It was no wonder she hated him. In front of the one he liked, he set up the image of a casanova. Wasn’t this looking for death?

When the bell of the last class rang, Nie Xiao Jiu stretched his waist lazily, got up from his seat, squinted his eyes and spoke as he walked: “Let’s go! It’s time to eat!”

“…” Ye Xuan Chen’s lips twitched, this guy really knew when to wake up.

After lunch, they walked out of the cafeteria. When Nie Xiao Jiu told Yun Mu Han and Su Han about Ye Xuan Chen and Ling Tian together on a morning run, they Yun siblings’s expressions were a little shocked.

Yun Mu Han: “What? Are you thinking straight?”

Su Han: “Ah? How do you know Senior Ling?”

Obviously, the two people’s focus was completely different.

“Little girl Su Han, how much do you know about Ling Tian?” Ye Xuan Chen asked modestly, after all, he still didn’t know anything about the Ling Tian of this world.

Speaking of Ling Tian, Su Han’s entire face shone, her small chest puffing up as she proudly introduced: “Senior Ling Tian is from Far Higher school, and is the first male god of 99% of the girls!”

“… That’s all?” Ye Xuan Chen asked in consternation.

Su Shi nodded, somewhat proud: “Yes, and I’m certain, that I’m the first girl to have eaten at the same table as Senior Ling.”

Yun Mu Han held his forehead, feeling a burst of shame.

Nie Xiao Jiu rolled his eyes, despising Su Han very much.

Ye Xuan Chen felt a burst of speechless from his heart, didn’t she know how to give information well?

Looks like he had to rely on himself.

“Why do you care so much about Senior Ling? Is it because of sister Xue’er!” Su Han didn’t care about the contempt in their eyes, only curious about why Ye Xuan Chen cared about her male god so much.

Thinking of Ling Tian, an evil smile rose on Ye Xuan Chen’s lips: “I just want to know my new neighbor, it has nothing to do with other people.”


Nie Xiao Jiu, Yun Mu Han and Su Han all looked at him in surprise at the same time.

Nie Xiao Jiu reacted first, “You moved out?”

He first ruled out the possibility of the Ye family moving, because that was impossible, after all, the Ye family hadn’t gone bankrupt.

In addition, in the morning of these two days, he’d encountered Ye Xuan Chen running on the edge of the Royal Apartment river, so it was only possible that Ye Xuan Chen had moved out.

“Um.” Ye Xuan Chen nodded: “I moved out alone.”

Su Han: “Then you mean… Senior Ling lives next door to your new home?”

“Yes. I’m really fated with him.” Ye Xuan Chen said with a smile.

Someone automatically filtered out of his mind, how much he spent buying the apartment next door to Ling Tian’s.

“Oh, my god!” Su Han screamed, grabbed Ye Xuan Chen’s sleeve and said flatteringly, “Brother Chen, can I visit your new home?”

Ye Xuan Chen had a smile on his face as he raised his hands and rubbed Su Han’s hair, “Of course…”

Su Han’s eyes brightened.

Ye Xuan Chen: “Not!”


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