Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 26 Handkerchief and tie

However, Lin Qin nodded obediently and said, “En, I’m very happy to see Meng Chao Ge.”

Lin Qin really had a magical power, the kind that made Meng Chao unable to help but want to hold him in his arms and love on him.

Fortunately, at this time, the car stopped at the red carpet and Meng Chao restrained himself.

A staff came to open the car door and Meng Chao and Lin Qin got off one after the other.

Zhu Yan had just lifted up her skirt, wanting to get out of the car when the staff quickly slammed the door shut.

Zhu Yan looked at the closed door, dumbstruck.

Hearing the driver starting the car, Zhu Yan gritted her teeth, opened the door and quickly got out.

However she forgot that she was wearing high heels and as she had moved too fast, she couldn’t prevent herself from tripping. When Zhu Yan saw that she was about to fall, she reacted quickly. Her line of sight went towards Lin Qin and Meng Chao who were not far away from her, falling in their direction.

She didn’t believe that either Lin Qin or Meng Chao wouldn’t support her with the bearing grace of a gentleman.

As long as one of them held her, the hot search tonight would be hers!

Zhu Yan calculated her abacus very well, but she couldn’t beat the speed of the staff. From the time she had opened the car door, the staff had been paying attention to her, afraid of any scandal she might cause.

Now seeing her falling in the direction of the two movie emperors, he shouted ‘not good’ in his heart and hurriedly hugged Zhu Yan before she implicated the two movie emperors.

And just at this moment, because of the emergence of Meng Chao and Lin Qin, the live broadcast cameras shot came over, capturing this scene.

The barrage of comments on the live broadcast exploded right away—-

[Where did this pheasant come from? How come she’s directing and starring in her own play?]

[Shit, who the hell is this woman? Did she intentionally fall towards my husband?]

… The barrage of comments from the viewers condemning Zhu Yan came in droves, because her purpose was just too obvious.

Zhu Yan didn’t see all this. Of course, she wouldn’t feel aggrieved even if she saw it. Instead she would be too happy seeing it, after all, in the end, negative news was still a form of fame. As long as she could become popular, she would still have a chance to wash it white later on.

But in fact, Zhu Yan was going to be disappointed. After the live footage gave Lin Qin and Meng Chao close-ups, who was watching Zhu Yan online? All that was left was licking of the screen meaninglessly, with the shouting of ah ah ah ah ah ah’s.

Soon, a certain comment caught everyone’s attention—-

[Are Meng Chao and Lin Qin wearing couple suits? The handkerchief in Meng Chao’s pocket is the same color as Lin Qin’s tie and the suits look like they are from the same brand, it’s just the style that has a little bit of a difference!]

This was from a high cp fan with microscopic eyes. As soon as this comment came out, many started paying attention to the handkerchief and tie of the two movie emperors. It really was the same color!

Meng Chao was wearing a suit today, but there was no tie, only a square handkerchief that was stuffed in the upper left pocket of his suit for decoration and Lin Qin’s tie was the same color, plus these two suits were from the same brand. At first glance, this really looked like a couple’s suit.

They just didn’t know whether it was a coincidence or if someone had deliberately done it.

Anyway, the result was that a minute later [Lin Qin Meng Chao wearing couple suits] became a hot search on Weibo.

And Zhu Yan who wanted to use the two movie emperors to attract fame, except for the barrage of cursing at the beginning, there was no ripple in the water except for that little splash.

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