Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 27 Before filming

More than half a month had passed since the mid-year festival and this half month Lin Qin had been reading scripts at home. As he became more famous, more and more scripts were delivered to Chu Hong.

However, the quality of the scripts varied. There were vulgar comedy and idol dramas that catered to the market, as well as historical dramas that pretended to be very high quality but weren’t sophisticated at all, and so on. Lin Qin often just glanced at these scripts before simply throwing them away.

Yes, the requirements for the script chosen by Lin Qin and his team was very high. Lin Qin’s positioning was also based on power, taking his award for example, otherwise Lin Qin wouldn’t have suggested taking two literary films.

Moreover, Lin Qin himself was very passionate about acting and was also very dedicated. Since he had entered this circle, he would dedicate his best acting skills and present the best works.

When he was acting, he thought of himself as the character. He forgot who Lin Qin was, and forgot everything about Lin Qin. He would design a character profile for his role, from birth to death and even detail what that character liked to eat, even all the certain small habits. He also specially set aside time to learn and experience the protagonist’s profession and living environment.

Only by devoting himself completely to the character and thinking of himself as that character, would Lin Qin forget that he was someone who suffered from social terror and try to integrate into this world as someone else. This was an important reason why Lin Qin liked acting.

As for the root cause, naturally it was to follow in the steps of Meng Chao. At the thought of doing the same thing as Meng Chao, Lin Qin felt happy.

There was no doubt that Lin Qin’s acting style was empathy. It was reasonable to say that once this style of acting was used, it was difficult to get oneself out of the character after entering it. It was easy to confuse the script with real life, but the two major directors who had worked with Lin Qin once said something with similar meaning, that was –Lin Qin was born for acting.

Why did they think that about Lin Qin?

Lin Qin could not only think of himself as the character in the script, it was also rare that as soon as the time was up, Lin Qin could easily pull himself out of the role, no longer the character himself, separating his life from the script.

This time a total of more than a dozen scripts had been handed over. After Lin Qin read them one by one, none excited him, so he asked Chu Hong to reject them on his behalf.

Chu Hong answered in the affirmative, but didn’t hang up, asking instead: “Are you ready?” 

Lin Qin immediately responded to what Chu Hong said, “En, I’m ready.”

“I don’t think so.” Chu Hong’s mocking tone came from the other side of the phone. “I think if you were ready, you would take advantage of this filming to pursue movie emperor Meng.”

That’s right, Lin Qin was leaving for Marine City tomorrow to officially start the filming of ‘We Are Together’ and for the next month or so, he and Meng Chao would be together day and night.

Although Lin Qin had foreseen this situation when he had first accepted the notice, Lin Qin was very nervous when the day really came.

So much so that when Chu Hong told him to take this opportunity to pursue Meng Chao, even though Lin Qin was home alone, he went red from head to toe, and finally he hung up.

He… he wasn’t pursuing Meng Chao Ge. As long as he could live with him for more than a month, his life would be complete.

Lin Qin thought with joy, but in the night Lin Qin tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep.

The next day, Lin Qin flew to Marine City.

When he arrived at the seaside villa, Meng Chao was already inside.

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