This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 69 Video Storm –Wasn’t this the expression one had when he was extremely sad?

‘Ye Xuan Chen’ was a little hit by this but was unwilling to chase after her, however at this time a slender figure passed by. Gu Xue’er’s eyes brightened and she grabbed Ling Tian’s arm.

Ling Tian frowned and shook off Gu Xue’er’s hand that was holding his shirt, his eyes ice-cold and displeased.

“You like this little white faced guy?” ‘Ye Xuan Chen’ rushed over, staring with wide eyes, a look of being unable to accept it on his face.

“Senior Ling isn’t a little white-faced guy, so please speak with respect!” Gu Xue’er was immediately unhappy.

‘Ye Xuan Chen’ threw the roses down and rushed to Ling Tian like a mad man, his eyes full of jealousy and anger.

He was about to hit him, anyone could tell.

Gu Xue’er was scared silly on the spot, clutching Ling Tian’s sleeve tightly, and in the instant ‘Ye Xuan Chen’ rushed to Ling Tian, a touch of cold light, along with disdain flashed in his eyes.

But just as he was about to dodge, he saw something and doubt suddenly appeared in his eyes, the movement of his body also stopping.

And just like that, the original ‘Ye Xuan Chen’ pushed Ling Tian, punched and kicked at him for a while, venting all kinds of anger…

And the video came to an end here. Ye Xuan Chen frowned, saying in a ticked manner, “Fool, why didn’t you dodge?” He could obviously dodge.

This video had just been posted for a few minutes, but there were already hundreds of comments and continued to increase.

Ye Xuan Chen took a look at it. The comments were divided into three camps. The first one was for Ling Tian, scolding Ye Xuan Chen for being garbage and so on…

The second one was to defend Ye Xuan Chen, one after the other accusing Ling Tian of stealing away his first love. After all, a lot of people knew Ye Xuan Chen liked Gu Xue’er.

But most of them were ridiculous…

The third was to protect Gu Xue’er, saying that Gu Xue’er had the right to choose whoever she liked, and that rejecting Ye Xuan Chen was the right decision. After all, Ye Xuan Chen was a famous school hooligan. Because you have a lot of money, you think everyone in the world revolves you and other words…

However, many cursing comments were done by commenters with hidden ID’s, unwilling to reveal their true identity.

But on the whole, most of them blamed Ye Xuan Chen.

Yun Mu Han frowned, “We already took care of this video last time, I didn’t expect it to slip through the net again.”

This video being released now, it was obviously aimed at Ye Xuan Chen.

“Which bastard doesn’t want to live? Better not to let me catch you!” Nie Xiao Jiu’s face was also gloomy, but he kept looking at Ye Xuan Chen’s expression.

Now that Ye Xuan Chen had regained his memories, with this video coming out, wasn’t this intentionally inciting, look at the way his brows were wrinkling…

Su Han glared at Ye Xuan Chen: “You actually hit my male god, I… I… won’t help you ask out sister Xue’er again…”

Yun Mu Han covered Su Han’s mouth and pulled her aside, saying in a small voice, “Little aunt, please don’t add fuel to the fire!” To be rejected by a woman is a disgrace to a man.

“Don’t be sad, it’s just a woman…” Nie Xiao Jiu patted Ye Xuan Chen’s shoulder, saying in an enlightened tone.

“Sad?” Ye Xuan Chen returned the phone to Yun Mu Han, saying lightly, “Which of your eyes see me sad?”

But speaking of sadness, he really was a little bit. With the original owner doing this, it obviously put him at odds with Ling Tian. No wonder Ling Tian’s eyes were full of disgust every time he saw him. That he could tolerate him running behind him every morning, it could be said that it he was very generous…

Yun Mu Han and Nie Xiao Jiu glanced at each other. He obviously had a gloomy face when he was watching the video just now, but now he was pretending everything was calm and alright. Wasn’t this the expression one had when he was extremely sad?

Although the video could be deleted by paying for it, Ye Xuan Chen’s heart wasn’t easy to erase. After all, they all knew how much Ye Xuan Chen was attached to Gu Xue’er.

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