This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 71 Go for wool and come home shorn

“What thanks? Invite us to dinner don’t you understand, really can’t guess anything.” Nie Xiao Jiu stepped on the skateboard and slapped Ye Xuan Chen directly on the head, the expression on his face saying, you’re just rich.

Yun Mu Han also said carelessly: “That’s right, I like actual actions, don’t use thanks to deceive us!”

“And me, don’t forget me!” Su Han immediately raised her hand, afraid the three would forget her.

Ye Xuan Chen didn’t care much about Nie Xiao Jiu’s irrelevant slap, he nodded: “Ok. No problem, as long as you want to eat, even if it’s corpse rice in the pit, this young master will make bring it up for you!”

Three people: “….” Ou!!


In the Yang mansion, Yang Yi Fan’s face suddenly turned gloomy after seeing the video of Ye Xuan Chen shooting the basketball, especially after seeing those comments, he was so angry that he threw the cell phone to the ground.

Because most of those comments, though they were for Ye Xuan Chen, there was one or two in every ten that ridiculed him, Yang Yi Fan.

Especially that commenter [6 turned over] comment: [Isn’t the bag on young master Yang’s head very much like the bulging head of the god of longevity?]

Yang Yi Fan was so angry that his lungs were about to explode. He wanted to pull that person out and beat him up!

The faces of the scared servants in the Yang mansion changed one by one. With the change in the atmosphere, they didn’t dare come out, all hiding as far as possible in the corner, trying to reduce their sense of existence.

“Young master Yang! Don’t be angry, he was just lucky this time…” Xu Ping picked up the phone. He hadn’t expected that the plot would undergo such a huge reversal.

Yang Yi Fan’s face was gloomy and terrible. He originally planned to wait for the video of Ye Xuan Chen hitting someone to reach the highest point, then expose some black materials about Ye Xuan Chen so as to thoroughly stink his reputation at school, then carry on with the next step of the plan.

However, he didn’t expect that that day on the court, someone unexpectedly recorded a video. With this, not only did it not discredit Ye Xuan Chen, it also washed him clean. Yang Yi Fan’s heart was so depressed he almost had internal injury.

“Young master Yang, what should we do next?” Xu Ping asked carefully.

Yang Yi Fan went back to the sofa and looking at the cell phone that he had broken himself, a trace of cold light flashed in his eyes. Previously, he used to play Ye Xuan Chen in circles, but now he had suffered losses in his hands twice. This was something he absolutely couldn’t tolerate!

Yang Yi Fan sneered: “Heh… If it doesn’t stink his reputation, then target his friends!”

The injury on his forehead shouldn’t be in vain!

“But, young master Ye hasn’t been to the bar lately. He also doesn’t go to the places he used to play before. I’m afraid we can’t act!” Xu Ping hesitated.

The look on Yang Yi Fan’s face revealed a ruthlessness that didn’t match his age. He said, “Then look for someone to monitor him, I don’t believe that trash has really changed!”

What Xu Ping said wasn’t unreasonable. If he wanted to win, he must be prepared not to lose, so he had to find a suitable opportunity.

“Okay, leave it to me.” Xu Ping nodded.

Because the Royal City Apartments wasn’t very far from the school, Ye Xuan Chen planned to walk back after school.

“Bye bye!” Su Han lay on the window and waved at Nie Xiao Jiu and Ye Xuan Chen who were standing on the roadside.

The driver of the Yun family also politely smiled at the two, then drove away.

With a lollipop in his mouth, Nie Xiao Jiu stepped on the skateboard with one foot, put one hand on Ye Xuan Chen’s shoulder and said, “You live in the Royal City Apartments now, so we can go together.”

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