This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 72 Really wanted to be friends with his love rival?

His words just fell when a black car stopped in front of the two and the windows rolled down slowly. Nie Nan Feng’s cold, expressionless face appeared in the sight of the two.

Nie Xiao Jiu was somewhat dismayed: “Big brother, you…” Why did he come to pick him up again?

Was he just passing by again?

Nie Nan Feng’s eyes fell on Nie Xiao Jiu’s hand on Ye Xuan Chen’s shoulder. He didn’t give any explanation, but his voice was cold and heavy: “Get in the car.”

“… Oh.” Nie Xiao Jiu nodded, took the skateboard into his hand then said to Ye Xuan Chen: “Let’s go! I’ll give you a ride back.”

Saying this, Nie Xiao Jiu opened the door, dragged Ye Xuan Chen into the back seat and then also sat in.

Nie Xiao Jiu stretched his head back and said to Nie Nan Feng: “Big brother, Xuan Chen is now living in the Royal city apartment apartment, so you can just drop him off later.”

Nie Nan Feng frowned slightly, a trace of displeasure flashing in his eyes. He didn’t have the habit of being a driver for outsiders.

“Big brother…” Nie Xiao Jiu’s cheeks puffed out, those pair of black diamond shining eyes full of begging and pleading.

Nie Nan Feng had always disliked Ye Xuan Chen and had also warned him many times not to hang out with Ye Xuan Chen and the others.

But he just had these two friends and Ye Xuan Chen himself wasn’t as unbearable as his big brother thought, so Nie Xiao Jiu hoped his big brother would try to accept his friends, or rather… let him have his own thoughts and not always decide that if it was good for him then it was allowed to stay, and if it wasn’t good, then it wasn’t allowed to.

He was already an adult, not a kid…

“Sit well.” Nie Nan Feng looked away from his face. There was no emotion on his always cold face, but Nie Xiao Jiu’s eyes brightened, obediently sitting well.

Big brother was agreeing to give Ye Xuan Chen a ride!

Ye Xuan Chen was speechless during the whole process. He thought Nie Nan Feng would kick him out, after all, no matter whether it was the original owner or him now, he felt… that Nie Nan Feng super super didn’t like him, and compared to Yun Mu Han, he really didn’t want to see him…

The car quickly arrived near the apartment and just at the traffic light intersection, Ye Xuan Chen saw Ling Tian coming out of the supermarket.

“I’ll get off right here, bye!” Ye Xuan Chen said to Nie Xiao Jiu, picked up his schoolbag, opened the door and got down from the back seat.

“Ah… but you aren’t there yet!” Nie Xiao Jiu yelled.

Nie Nan Feng looked over slightly and after seeing Ye Xuan Chen rushing to Ling Tian, a trace of thought flashed through his eyes. At this time, the green light turned on. He retracted his gaze and continued to drive. Regarding Ye Xuan Chen getting off early, Nie Nan Feng didn’t even have a little bit of an extra expression on his face.

Nie Xiao Jiu also saw Ling Tian through the window of the car. Seeing Ye Xuan Chen ran directly to Ling Tian, he couldn’t help muttering, “This guy isn’t serious right…”

He really wanted to be friends with his love rival?

Or did he have another plan?

“Ling Tian, what a coincidence. We meet again.” Ye Xuan Chen held his schoolbag as he smiled at Ling Tian at the side.

Ling Tian didn’t speak but quickened his pace, wanting to get rid of Ye Xuan Chen, this sticky piece of candy!

But Ye Xuan Chen wasn’t so easy to get rid of, he also quickened his pace, tilted his head sideways and said, “I’m sorry for yesterday morning, I really didn’t mean to.”

As soon as he mentioned yesterday morning, the look on Ling Tian’s face became colder, but he still ignored Ye Xuan Chen, even without moving his eyes, he still completely ignored Ye Xuan Chen.

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