Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 28 Before filming

Pushing open the door of the villa, Lin Qin saw Meng Chao lying on the sofa sleeping, his long legs with nowhere to rest, looking very pitiful.

As soon as Lin Qin arrived, he heard that Meng Chao had rushed over last night after finishing work. It was estimated that he didn’t even get a minute of shut eye, so ot wasn’t any wonder he would fall asleep on the sofa.

In order not to wake Meng Chao up, Lin Qin didn’t even push his luggage in, and just walked lightly into the living room. When he saw Meng Chao, Lin Qin couldn’t move.

He hadn’t seen Meng Chao for more than half a month, Lin Qin really missed him. When his eyes fell on Meng Chao, it was as if they were stuck, they also couldn’t move away.

The sea breeze blew in through the window, with a little salty scent and the curtains floated up like a muslin veil, making the villa look a bit hazy.

In the living room, one man was lying down and the other was standing momentarily dazed as he stared at the one lying down one, the tenderness in his eyes, just like the sunshine outside the villa, dazzling and hot.

Suddenly the man lying on the sofa opened his eyes. There was no confusion in his eyes, just a lazy sexiness.

Being caught peeping, Lin Qin’s face turned red and he quickly lowered his head.

Meng Chao’s mouth couldn’t help but rise but in order not to make Lin Qin more embarrassed, he didn’t expose him, smiling gently as he said: “You’re here.”

Lin Qin gave an “En”, then he couldn’t help asking: “Meng Chao Ge, why didn’t you go to your room to sleep?”

Meng Chao said casually:” I was waiting for you.”

These gentle four words fell heavily on Lin Qin’s heart, splashing honey water in him, surging towards his limbs, warm and sweet.

However, Lin Qin didn’t know how to answer, replying shyly, “I’m going to get my luggage.” He turned and walked towards the door hurriedly, looking like he was running away.

The stirringly provoking and sexy movie emperor Meng stared at Lin Qin’s back with his chin in his hand, smiling happily, his sleepy eyes also following.

The official filming would start tomorrow so there were no tasks this night, making it relaxing, but the director still came to Meng Chao and Lin Qin and told them some of the things to pay attention to during the filming.

The director said to Lin Qin and Meng Chao, “Tomorrow morning, two guests will be coming, I won’t beat around the bush, you have to entertain them, you must definitely make the guests feel at home.”

This was also a big part of ‘We Are Together’. There were star guests and as the resident MC’s, each had to be hosts who could entertain, naturally this would cause sparks to collide.

The director also mentioned several things that were prohibited, “One: during the recording, you can’t order takeout, all food for the guests must be prepared by yourself; two: the program group has limited funds, so the expenses beyond the scope of the funds, you’ll have to find a solution yourself, of course, you can’t use your own money. I will confiscate your wallet and cell phone tomorrow. Three: During the recording process, you must not ask for outside assistance if you encounter something that is difficult, you must find a way to solve it yourself.” The director took a sip of water and continued: “That’s all, I hope we will have a happy cooperation in the next month or so.”

Lin Qin and Meng Chao smiled: “Happy cooperation.”

That being said, it was important to note from all this that, the crew would probably play around with them.

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Haruki Natsuyu
Haruki Natsuyu
13 days ago

Oh. Their alone time ends :/

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