This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 76 I’m actually here on a blind date

Without waiting for Long Ge to speak, Ye Zi Cheng went on to say, “However, he can’t die yet. It won’t be long, I’ll just make him see how, how he’ll fall from the heights to the bottom of the valley!”

Long Ge raised an eyebrow, then laughed: “According to President Ye, in the near future, the owner of the Ye Group… is going to change?”

“I have now turned several of the top executives of the Ye Group to my side, and with the support of Mr. James, everything will turn out great in the end.” Ye Zi Cheng’s face showed a touch of coldness that didn’t match his usual elegant appearance.

Those high-level executives, were ones who had accompanied Ye Yuan Zhong through thick and thin, combining the shares in their hands, it was enough to shake Ye Yuan Zhong’s position as the chairman.

Long Ge laughed, raised his glass and touched it to Ye Zi Cheng’s glass: “Haha. Then I wish President Ye early success!”

Hearing this, a cold light flashed in Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes. Ye Zi Cheng really wasn’t a fuel-saving lamp, unexpectedly secretly joining hands with the Yang family to try to swallow the Ye’s, but who was this ‘James’ they were talking about?

He may sound like a wonderful person, but Ye Xuan Chen was certain that the sandpiper and the clam warred together but the fisherman profited, and that ‘James’ was definitely the fisherman!

He just didn’t know if this fisherman was fishing for the Ye and the Yang group or for something else….

“Ye Xuan Chen.”

A big slender hand suddenly clamped on Ye Xuan Chen’s shoulder, startling Ye Xuan Chen who was deep in thought. He turned his head to see Fu Siyu looking at him with a smile.

“Teacher Fu. Why did you scare me?” Ye Xuan Chen patted his chest, he was really scared. Why wasn’t there any sound when this person walked?!

“Eh… sorry.” An apologetic expression appeared on Fu Siyu’s face, “I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s nothing, I forgive you.” Ye Xuan Chen waved his hands indifferently and asked casually, “Is Teacher Fu going to eat in this private room?”

Fu Siyu looked up at the name on the door of the private room and shook his head: “No.”

Looking around in a circle, Fu Siyu pointed to the private room opposite it and smiled, “I’m going to that one.”

As soon as his words fell, the door to the private room opened. A round middle-aged woman wearing a large red cheongsam looked out.

Ye Xuan Chen noticed that the middle-aged woman seemed completely ignorant of Fu Siyu’s appearance….

Fu Siyu seemed to guess what he was thinking and smiled a little embarrassedly, “Cough… I’m actually here on a blind date. That’s the middle-man…”

He seemed to feel that being caught on a blind date by his student was a little embarrassing, as his white cheeks turned red.

“I’m already late, I’m leaving first, go ahead and do your business. Don’t forget to do your assignment this weekend.”

After Fu Siyu said this, he walked towards the private room on the opposite side. He seemed to say hello to the middle-aged woman first, then they both entered the private room.

It wasn’t until the door closed that the doubt in Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes lightened up. Although he had been listening to Ye Zi Cheng’s conversation just now, if someone approached, he would definitely notice, but it was only after Fu Siyu patted him on the shoulder that he reacted, so Ye Xuan Chen had some doubts whether Fu Siyu was the one Ye Zi Cheng was waiting for.

But now it was clear that he had obviously thought too much.

Finally, looking at Ye Zi Cheng’s private room, a playful smile rose on Ye Xuan Chen’s lips, then he went downstairs.

But what he didn’t know was that, not long after he left, the door opposite opened and Fu Siyu walked out with a smile.

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