Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 31 An attempt at hype

Actually, Lin Qin had thought about the plan of painting vs. wallpapers when he was renovating before, but it was temporarily shelved because of insufficient time.

Fortunately, at this time, the director’s team gave such a task, which could remove the regret Lin Qin felt in not being able to do so in the last decoration.

Meng Chao had seen Lin Qin’s ability during the decoration, so regarding this he gave the full authority to Lin Qin. The suggestion Lin Qin gave at this moment, Meng Chao would have never been able to come up with it.

Meng Chao: “Yes, then it will be hard on you.”

Lin Qin smiled, “Not at all.”

He regarded this villa as his and Meng Chao’s home, decorating his own home, which would make Lin Qin full of happiness, how could it be hard on him?

Jin Feiyun interrupted: “Senior Lin, can you paint?” She showed a look of surprise, but this surprise didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes.

She was actually a little unhappy because Lin Qin had vetoed her proposal, making her feel she had lost face.

Lin Qin nodded with reserve, “I learned a little.” He didn’t say anything after that, nor did he show off, very modest.

Jin Feiyun had prepared compliments, but because Lin Qin had responded so modestly, they stuck in her throat, unable to come out. Finally, she smiled awkwardly and stepped back to the side, silent.

Zhang Yue however laughed: “Senior Lin, give me a list of materials. I also studied arts before, so I’ll be responsible for buying the materials.”

“Okay.” Lin Qin said very seriously and went to find the pen and paper, then wrote the materials needed on it.

Meng Chao squatted beside and asked mischievously, “What do I need to do? Designer Lin?”

Lin Qin’s face flushed as he replied obediently: “Give me inspiration.”

What he meant was, this was his and Meng Chao’s home, so naturally he wanted all the decorations to be done by him and Meng Chao together.

Before Meng Chao could answer, Jin Feiyun came over and said, “Senior Meng, Zhang Yue and I are here in Marine City for the first time and we aren’t familiar with the place. Can you take us to buy the materials?”

Actually, they all had drivers. They didn’t need anyone to bring them. The reason Jin Feiyun was making this request was because in fact, she wanted to have more appearance in the lens in post-production.

After all, Meng Chao and Lin Qin were the main cp of the show, so this time as long as she took one of them with them, when they were editing later, they wouldn’t delete too much of her shots.

Moreover, before she came her studio told her not everyone had the opportunity to be in the same frame as Meng Chao on a reality show and that she should take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with Meng Chao a lot and it would even be best if she was able to create a little gossip, tying her together with Meng Chao.

Actually it wasn’t necessary for her studio to remind her, Jin Feiyun also had the same idea.

This was the legend of the entertainment circle, holding more resources in his hand than a small entertainment company, and Meng Chao had a high status in the entertainment circle. As long as she had a relationship with movie emperor Meng, at that time won’t she fly in the sky?

Jin Feiyun’s ambition wasn’t small, a scandal with Meng Chao wouldn’t be able to satisfy her.

What she really wanted was to take advantage of this day and night chance to accomplish certain things with Meng Chao, so she could take advantage of Meng Chao’s influence and power to fly straight up.

After Jin Feiyun made this request, she looked at Meng Chao instantly with glittering eyes, along with an unclear meaning in them.

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