This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 78 Sent yourself to my door

“Another day!” Nie Nan Feng said to Ling Tian as he stood up.

With that, he went straight out without any expression.

“Big brother, wait for me!” Nie Xiao Jiu took the coat Nie Nan Feng had put to the side after he had taken it off, paid the bill and quickly caught up.

Ye Xuan Chen smiled at Ling Tian, ” Want me to help you?”

“No need.” Ling Tian got up, not feeling the least bit drunk, waved Ye Xuan Chen who was standing in front of him away and headed to the front of the restaurant.

“Ai… Really a show-off.” Ye Xuan Chen put his hands in his pockets helplessly and followed them unhurriedly.

This place wasn’t far from the Royal City Apartments, you only needed to cross a road then walk for another two minutes.

Ye Xuan Chen thought Ling Tian wasn’t drunk, but then he found that Ling Tian had his eyes closed and was frowning after entering the apartment’s elevator.


The elevator door opened, Ling Tian’s eyes narrowed slightly then he walked out of the elevator with steady steps.

Coming to the door of the apartment, Ling Tian held the wall with one hand and keyed in the password with the other.

He tried it several times, but they all showed password error, making him frown.

Ye Xuan Chen crossed his hands over his chest and leaned against the wall, looking at Ling Tian with a smile as he keyed in wrong passwords to his apartment.

“Try six zeros.” Ye Xuan Chen suggested kindly.

Ling Tian hesitated for a moment, then really listened to Ye Xuan Chen’s words and keyed in six 0s and with a ‘click’, the apartment door opened!

Ling Tian turned his head to look at Ye Xuan Chen, a hint of coldness in his slightly tipsy eyes, “When did you change my password!”

Ye Xuan Chen: “Guess.”

“Hmph!” Ling Tian snorted coldly and no longer looking at him, went directly into Ye Xuan Chen’s apartment and with a ‘bang’ slammed the door shut.

Ye Xuan Chen pushed up from the wall, shrugged helplessly and smiled slyly: “You are the one who sent yourself to my door…”

Having said this, Ye Xuan Chen keyed in the password and entered the apartment.

His apartment actually had the same pattern as the apartment next door, but in a different direction. Ling Tian didn’t turn on the light after he came in. He directly sat on the sofa, pulling the two buttons on the collar of his shirt uncomfortably with one hand while the other rubbed the middle of his eyebrows.

When Ye Xuan Chen came in, what he saw was Ling Tian with his collar half open, one hand holding his forehead.

Although the lights weren’t on, his vision was excellent. Through the light streaming through the window Ye Xuan Chen could clearly see Ling Tian’s rolling throat, as well as his collarbone, and slightly open chest…

In the darkness, Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes darkened slightly, such a Ling Tian was really seductive…

But looking at Ling Tian’s face it seemed he was very uncomfortable. Ye Xuan Chen stepped up to the side of the sofa, wanting to reach out to massage his temple for him, but before he could approach him Ling Tian’s eyes suddenly opened fiercely, sharp eyes staring straight into Ye Xuan Chen’s eyes!

And his fist, even faster than lightning striked towards Ye Xuan Chen’s face, surprising Ye Xuan Chen. If this fist connected with his face, a few of his teeth would definitely fly out, so he didn’t dare act carelessly, immediately turned his head to dodge…

But he had just avoided Ling Tian’s fist when he felt a pain in his knee, Ling Tian had just kicked him in the leg!

“Ouch!” Ye Xuan Chen screamed in pain, this strike was merciless. Fortunately, he had already started cultivating, otherwise with the original owner’s small body, Ling Tian’s kick would have definitely broken his leg off!


A whistling sound came from the air and Ling Tian jumped up from the sofa, striking at Ye Xuan Chen again. Each strike sent without holding back. He seemed to be regarding Ye Xuan Chen as an enemy.

“Aiya! You want to murder your husband?” Ye Xuan Chen yelled as he dodged.

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