Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 32 An attempt at hype

Meng Chao had been in this circle for so many years, how could he not see what Jin Feiyun was thinking? Under the lens a sneer flashed in his eyes, but his face was still gentle as he said: “You’re right, you are the guests, these things shouldn’t be done by you.” He turned to Lin Qin instead and asked: “Lin Qin, are your design drafts done?”

Lin Qin didn’t hear the meaning behind Jin Feiyun’s words and said honestly, “I was thinking of specially integrating your ideas in it before.”

Meng Chao:” Your ideas are my ideas, let’s go and buy the materials.”

“Oh.” Although Lin Qin didn’t know what was happening, he still listened to Meng Chao, stood up obediently and answered, “Ok.”

Meng Chao went to get the car keys, then said to the two guests, “Feel free, Lin Qin and I will come back after the trip.”

After that, he left with Lin Qin side by side.

Jin Feiyun stared at the back of the two, only feeling a pain on her face, as if she had been slapped.

Zhang Yue glanced at Jin Feiyun and couldn’t help shaking his head, however he reminded her: “Senior Meng has debuted for so many years, who have you seen him having gossip news with? Don’t be too overconfident.”

“You!” Jin Feiyun glared at Zhang Yue fiercely, but she still knew she was under the focus of the lens, so she held back her expression from getting out of control.

At the same time, the director’s crew received a call from Jin Feiyun’s studio.

Jin Feiyun’s studio expressed the hope that the show crew would cooperate with the studio’s hype and that in the later editing, Jin Feiyun and Meng Chao’s parts would be deliberately moved in an ambiguous direction. In exchange, the studio promised to promote ‘We Are Together’.

The deputy director was a bit moved, but when he communicated this with the director, he was rejected.

The director asked Jin Feiyun studio’s a question, “Did you get the consent of Meng Chao’s team for this joint hype?”

The studio hesitated for a long time, unable to give an answer.

It was a unilateral decision to create the hype, they certainly didn’t dare communicate this with Meng Chao’s team. After all, for many years, they hadn’t seen Meng Chao hype anything. Once there was a scandal, it would be clarified immediately, not giving the other side any face.

At the beginning, there were some people who tried to create hype with Meng Chao’s name but after being slapped in the face, they didn’t dare do so anymore.

But Jin Feiyun’s studio didn’t want to let go of this opportunity, so they brought up this idea. Besides, this was the routine flow of Jin Feiyun’s rise to fame, negative news was also news and it was easy to wash it white later.

The director knew Jin Feiyun’s studio hadn’t communicated with Meng Chao’s team and also knew that this was a vulgar type of hype. No matter what Jin Feiyun’s studio said, they would definitely not agree.

The deputy director didn’t understand. Jin Feiyun was a small internet star in the circle now, and her popularity online was very high. This kind of hype would make the show’s popularity rise, he didn’t understand why the director was refusing.

The director said with an expression of ‘hating iron which couldn’t turn into steel’, “What’s the status of our show? Offending Jin Feiyun’s studio and offending movie emperor Meng’s team, if you’re asked to pick one, which one would you choose?”

The deputy director froze.

‘We Are Together’ was a reality show designed for men and men love in response to the country’s introduction of same-sex marriage laws. This hype of heterosexual cp didn’t go with the flow of the show, rather, it was contrary to the original intention of the show.

Looking from this point of view, they shouldn’t be hyping this.

As for Meng Chao’s team, he really didn’t want to offend them.

The deputy director realised something: Jin Feiyun didn’t dare find Meng Chao directly, but was rather trying to pull them into hot water?

Fortunately, the director thought things through, otherwise he would really be in a mess.

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