This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 80 Unexpected

At the same time he spoke, the other hand gently caressed Ling Tian’s face, slightly cool fingertips moving across his straight nose, angular face and thin lips.

Ling Tian’s tipsy eyes squinted slightly, a cold light flashing in them. Even at this moment when he didn’t know who was in front of him, he instinctively hated others touching him so closely hence Ling Tian exhausted all his strength, wanting to break free from Ye Xuan Chen’s imprisonment.

Although with their two bodies tightly stuck close together Ye Xuan Chen could feel the heat of Ling Tian’s skin, Ling Tian’s struggle to sober up, was more like a kind of enticement….

“Don’t move again, otherwise… I’ll eat you!” Ye Xuan Chen licked his lips as he warned.

The youth’s peculiarly cold voice, had hints of hoarseness and forbearance in it.

The faint smell of wine and the unique flavor of Ling Tian’s body, that combination, was like delicious food, constantly luring Ye Xuan Chen nonstop….

But his warning, in Ling Tian’s ears, was no threat at all, it had always been him warning others, never others warning him…

The veins in Ling Tian’s neck appeared and a burst of strength came from his arm, making him successfully break free from the imprisonment.

Ye Xuan Chen’s lips hooked up in a smile: “I like you being so disobedient…”

With that, Ye Xuan Chen bowed his head and kissed Ling Tian on the lips, sucking the top gently, gnawing, wandering and indulging wantonly again and again, raging, the several years of missing him rushing out from his heart.

And his hand, tightly held the back of Ling Tian’s head, so that he wouldn’t be able to escape.

Cool fingertips, strange breath.

In the dark, Ling Tian’s body stiffened slightly, a moment of dumb shock in his slightly drunk eyes, the feel of the soft lips, left him breathless for a few minutes, his mind a mess, a mosaic image appearing in his mind…

Ye Xuan Chen was also a little short of breath, that kind of depressed missing pouring out of him crazily, he wanted more…

However, Ling Tian didn’t even have the slightest bit of reaction, making Ye Xuan Chen’s fingers stop slightly, then his hands slid to Ling Tian’s abdomen, he was about to undo his belt….


In his confusion, Ling Tian seize the opportunity to break free from Ye Xuan Chen’s hold, caught his hand and with a whirl pressed his body under his.


Ye Xuan Chen moaned throatily. Both of his hands had been captured by Ling Tian in one hand and Ling Tian’s knee was exerting hard pressure on his lower abdomen, the force of his exertion very high and for a moment Ye Xuan Chen was unable to shake him off.

“So you like to be on top, you should have said so earlier….”

Even though his hands were about to be broken, Ye Xuan Chen still laughed lightly.

In the dark, even though Ling Tian couldn’t see Ye Xuan Chen’s face, he still knew instinctively that the enemy under his body was provoking him. He lowered his head slightly and his other hand touched the belt at his waist, as if to unbuckle it….

Ye Xuan Chen noticed his movements and asked: “You… What do you want to do…”

Was it what he was thinking?

Ling Tian had drank so much wine, although on the surface he looked normal, he was already drunk, plus the way he had teased him just now, so Ling Tian finally couldn’t control himself?

Was he going to throw him down…. and then eat him clean?


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