Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 34 Character Biography

The answer was naturally in Lin Qin’s heart but it wasn’t suitable to say it out loud. Lin Qin looked at Meng Chao who wasn’t far away and just at that moment Meng Chao also looked over, the two eyes meeting in the void.

Meng Chao’s lips hooked up as he smiled at Lin Qin, but because Lin Qin was caught peeking, he quickly turned his head away in a panic, his face beet red.

It happened that there was a camera just above his head, easily capturing Lin Qin’s blushing image.

Although Lin Qin was caught blushing by the camera, he couldn’t help smiling.

Seeing that Lin Qin didn’t answer him, Zhang Yue said, “Is it inconvenient for you to answer?”

Lin Qin suddenly returned to his senses and said, “I was just curious, I wanted to enter to see how this circle was.”

Zhang Yue make an exaggerated motion of spitting out blood, “Senior Lin leave a way for us mortals to live.”

Just because of curiosity he entered the entertainment circle, then immediately won the film emperor award of the Cannes international film festival? If this was said out loud people would go mad with anger. Compared with the legend of the entertainment circle Meng Chao, he wasn’t too different.

Lin Qin pursed his lips and not knowing how to pick up the tail of the conversation, just returned dumbly, “Oh.”

Zhang Yue: “…”

In order not to make the atmosphere too awkward, Zhang Yue asked humbly: “I have a role in a movie soon show where I have to portray myself as two different characters. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it. I’ve watched senior Lin’s ‘Dual Passion’ so I wanted to ask you. You’re very cool, you were able to interpret the characters and personalities of two people perfectly well, so I want to ask you, how can I switch between the two characters easily?”

Lin Qin had just finished the first half of the mural and got off the T-shaped ladder. He said matter of factly: “Think of yourself as the character.” That was how he did it anyway. At the time you’re acting as the character, that’s who you are, forget who you are and you will naturally be able to perform the two different characters effectively.

But it was only easy for Lin Qin. Not everyone who had the patience to write and understand a thick biography.

Lin Qin thoroughly studied the character he wanted to act as, then put himself into it. From Lin Qin’s words, it was a solution, but the process wasn’t simple.

Now, after Zhang Yue saw the results, he only felt that the world was really unfair. He had honestly studied for four years then debuted two years later. So far, he had only won one domestic best male award. Compared to Lin Qin, it was simply heaven and earth.

This was really the case of constantly comparing oneself to others would only make one angry.

However Zhang Yue didn’t feel unreconciled, he just sighed casually, after all, this was talent, it wouldn’t suddenly appear in you even if you complained.

He didn’t have the talent, so he had to work hard. Zhang Yue said this to himself.

However, Zhang Yue took this reality show as a learning opportunity. After thinking about it, he still asked the doubts in his heart, “Senior Lin, how can you make yourself more integrated with a role?”

Lin Qin didn’t know how to answer. He was silent for a moment before saying, “Wait a minute.” Then he put down his paintbrush and run into his room.

When Lin Qin came down again, he was holding a thick notebook in his hand. He handed it to Zhang Yue. “Take a look, it’s all in here.” 

Zhang Yue wiped his hands and accepted the heavy notebook like a treasure. After seeing the contents in the notebook, he was suddenly wide-eyed, “Senior Lin, is this a character biography?”

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