I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 3 Little cutie

Qi Qi stayed in the hall for a long time. He obviously didn’t do anything. He just walked around the office area a few times and shook the hands of the employees one by one, but some of them were pale, a few of them about to faint.

He silently complained about the setting of this plane. This dominant looked handsome, and his face was also just like usual, nothing had happened yet and he was scaring these people into endocrine disorders.

This president didn’t use to specifically abuse his employees, right?

Whether the president used to abuse the employees before, Qi Qi don’t know, but watching the faces of the employees becoming paler, if he still wandered around casually, afraid he would be labeled as abusive.

Looking at these people, afraid they would faint in just a matter of minutes!

Qi Qi silently returned to the entrance of the hall, just thinking about standing like this and waiting for the arrival of the submissive, when from the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of the petite figure hanging by the door. His eyes brightened up and he quickly followed…

Wearing something so simple yet he attracted the attention of so many employees. At first glance, it was undoubtedly the self-cultivation physique of a small submissive.

In order to avoid being a big boss who looked like a perverted stalker, Qi Qi didn’t dare to get too close, he just pretended to be calm and kept a few steps away from the person, looking down carefully at this ‘target task’.

The ‘target task’ looked petite and cute.

The pair of white shirts and jeans was fresh, naive and youthful, but the aura of the posture with his head held high was unexpectedly incompatible with this delicateness tenderness. The temperament that was originally very attractive, was neutralized by this majestic pace, making it became a little ordinary.

Qi Qi tutted twice in his heart.

This submissive was really unqualified.

Submissive characters were submissive. The essential thing was the word ‘submissive’. Whether it was really stupid, white and sweet or a blackened white lotus, it was necessary to make people to have the desire to protect them, then the appropriate selling point of a bit stupid, then the weak aura would be brought fully into play.

Sure enough, he still had the best grasp of being a submissive, ha ha ha.

The second place on the performance list wasn’t just there for nothing!

Qi Qi’s footsteps became light, even wanting to hum a bit, a sense of excitement the 1.9-meter big man as he walked, so immersed in the beautiful world of bragging that he didn’t notice the despising eyes of the submissive who had stopped in front of him waiting for the elevator.

The ‘target task’ withdrew his gaze without a trace, laughing silently at the stupid big man behind him.

Could this also be a dominant?! Was there no one else on this plane?!


Using eye attacks to scare off the several employees who wanted to get on the elevator, Qi Qi boarded the elevator smoothly alone with the target task.

——Although he really didn’t quite understand why he had to get on this shared public elevator when there was a dedicated elevator for him directly to the top floor, he had to accompany him.

Inside the elevator.

Standing a little stiff, Qi Qi’s eyes frequently fell on the weak receiver next to him, his eyes urging, appearing very anxious.

He was really anxious.

… A good agreement has been made to fall down in the elevator, fall down!!

Seeing the elevator continuing to go up, Qi Qi couldn’t contain himself. He calmly took a step towards him, trying to reach out and trip him.

However before he could move his feet, the little submissive started to move.

His body flashed forward.

Qi Qi’s eyes lit up.

However he didn’t fall. He steadily returned back to his original position.

Qi Qi: “?!”

The submissive’s body flashed back again.

Qi Qi’s eyes lit up again.

He still didn’t fall.

Qi Qi: “…”

For the next half-minute, Qi Qi watched the little submissive wobble from left to right. The amplitude of his wobbling body amazing, but— he just couldn’t fall.

Qi Qi was already going crazy.

You’re a submissive, not a wobbler!! You’re to fall down here, not show how steady your are!!

The submissive suddenly stood up straight.

The next second, he closed his eyes, sighed like a broken boat, then simply jumped and rushed straight to the ground.

Qi Qi: “…”

Qi Qi really couldn’t help it: “Wow.”

It turns out that we can fall like that?!

Perhaps his gaze was too straightforward, because the submissive turned his head to look at him the moment he fell, obvious urging in his eyes.

Qi Qi was stunned, only then did he remember that he had to help him up, so he quickly took a step forward and pulled his arm with a strong hook.

It looked perfect, a pity that the timing and intensity weren’t right.

With a snap, the submissive slammed down with his face to the ground and then with a slap, Qi Qi was suddenly pulled over by him, a small white and tender face coming into close contact with the elevator wall.

It looked like Qi Qi was playing the little submissive. He could be said to be very miserable.

Qi Qi quickly let go of his hand, shrinking his neck in on a conditioned reflex, apologizing with his eyes down: “Sorry, I used too much force.”

The submissive held his nose as he staggered to his feet, looking like as if his body and mind were about to collapse from the damage.


There was a crisp ‘ding’ sound.

The two of them looked towards their respective upper left corners.

Task evaluation, 21 points.

Qi Qi gritted his teeth, and suddenly understood that the submissive had suffered just now, but refused to face the facts.

This, this was the lowest score he had ever gotten!!

His annual bonus, his performance list, his dream of rushing to the first place to flatten Lu Zi Zhou!!

Qi Qi lowered his head, his eyes shimmering as he looked down at the submissive with drooping eyes.

The submissive also looked up at him.

The two said almost at the same time: “Do it again?”

They were stunned, then looked at each other and laughed in unison.

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9 months ago

Lmao, how these two just unstantly roast each other’s performances xD

9 months ago

Hahahaha. So funny. The little submissive is reluctant to act the part and the big dominant forget how he should behave.

Thanks for the chapter!

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