I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 4 Little cutie

Ever since Qi Qi had entered the elevator, he had vaguely guessed in his heart that this little submissive was also a plane repairer.

After all, his performance was too obvious. His aura was very different from a submissive’s and his posture of desperately trying to fall was even more unusual, so except for being a plane repairer trying to complete a task, there seemed to be no other explanation.

Two-person tasks were usually only taken on by couples or partners, because the number of people wasn’t only safer, the degree of difficulty also plummeted, but the corresponding performance points would be less.

Therefore Qi Qi, a 10,000-year-old single dog and a workaholic, had only taken on single tasks before. This was the first time he was meeting a peer in a task and for a while it felt a little novel.

Looking at the awkward and contrived acting just now, he was probably a newcomer who was unfamiliar with the business. Obviously because of a system bug, he was trapped in this task with him.

Qi Qi originally planned to say a few more words to this ‘newcomer’ but before he could speak, the elevator door opened. He looked around cautiously then was relieved to see no one passing by the door. He turned back to the ‘newcomer’, made a move forward gesture, then bent over first and walked towards the stairs.

They had to go back to the first floor before they could restart the plot.

Qi Qi was the second best performer on the performance list anyway. He naturally had the self-consciousness of being a good senior. Meeting a newcomer, he naturally had to take the lead to set an example.

The ‘newcomer’ in Qi Qi’s eyes was taken aback. Just as he wanted to speak, he saw Qi Qi bend down his tall body sneakily, tiptoe up like a thief and turn his head anxiously to signal for him to hurry out.

With that noble and glamorous face, how come no matter how he looked….

How cute.

He glanced at the elevator and silently swallowed the words that had already reached his mouth, ‘Take the elevator down to the first floor and we can restart the plot without climbing stairs.’ He walked two steps quickly to keep up with Qi Qi.


Under the surprised and gossipy gazes of the employees on the first floor, the two re-entered the elevator.

Before Qi Qi could speak, the ‘newcomer’ spoke first: “I won’t fall flat on the ground.”

Qi Qi said in his heart, I already knew this a long time ago, but in line with the duties of a ‘senior’, he still taught patiently: “It’s very simple, you see, as long as the left foot is twisted like this, and the right foot like this—”

As he spoke he acted out the moves and found himself falling straight to the ground in the next moment.

Qi Qi then suddenly reacted at this time. He only knew how to fall flat, he didn’t know how to stand up before falling flat!!

Seeing that he was about to fall to the ground, the ‘newcomer’ subconsciously took a step and caught him.

The movement was sharp and chic, the expression cold with a trace of concern, but with the little white arms and legs that he had, it inexplicably turned into a sense of a rabbit striving to become a wolf, doing its job.

Qi Qi was taken aback by the feeling of this picture and he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He just looked at the black face of the ‘newcomer’ while he was happy and for a while, didn’t even think of getting up from the other person.

The two were in a stalemate when the elevator door suddenly opened.

Several employees who were waiting for the elevator on the third floor watched as their ruthless boss and a round-faced cute young man hugged ambiguously in the elevator door.

The key point was!!

It was their president who had fallen shyly into the arms of the small cutie!

The 1.9-meter cold president had a shy look, the 1.7-meter pure boy was calm and composed!!

At this moment, a huge thunder called ‘reverse cp’ exploded in everyone’s hearts.

The next second, the little cutie quickly raised his hand and pressed the button, closing the elevator door.

The dumbfounded employees: “….”

This, what was this situation?!


It was then Qi Qi reacted and quickly stood up, coughing awkwardly: “Again, start again?”

He had become accustomed to the feelings of being a submissive. Every time he fell, he had to stay in place for a long time, either being hugged or simply being sent to the hospital. For a while, he hadn’t thought of standing up.

The ‘newcomer’ nodded silently then saw Qi Qi opening the elevator door again. He quickly stopped him: “Why not just take the elevator directly to the first floor?”

Qi Qi scratched his head, suddenly realizing: “Oh yes.”

So the elevator returned to the first floor.

Seeing this person’s calm appearance, it very much didn’t look like someone who hadn’t accepted the task. Based on the principle of sincere cooperation and harmonious coexistence, Qi Qi took the initiative to say: “Were you also brought over by a bug in the system?”

The submissive looked up at him, then said briefly: “Yes.”

He didn’t seem to like talking. Qi Qi touched his nose a little awkwardly: “Hello, I’m Qi Qi.”

Hearing Qi Qi’s name, the man wasn’t surprised, he just nodded calmly and just as he was about to speak, realized that the elevator was approaching again, so he quickly jumped and leapt forward.

Qi Qi: “…”

Didn’t I just teach you how to fall to the ground?! Isn’t this fancy diving too foul?!

He didn’t have time to react, so he could only take a step forward and hold him in his arms.

The submissive nestled into Qi Qi, moving closer as if it was unintentional, his head against his chest, listening to his beating heartbeat.

“Qi Qi, long time no see,” he smiled slightly, “I’m Lu Zi Zhou.”



Lu Zi Zhou fell to the ground.

The third time, it was still his face to the ground.

Lu Zi Zhou who wasn’t prepared at all was stunned. He got up from the ground and looked up at Qi Qi in shock.

Qi Qi’s face was pale, his hand pointing at Lu Zi Zhou, even his fingertips trembled slightly: “Lu Lu Lu Lu Zi Zhou?!!!”

Lu Zi Zhou blinked innocently.

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9 months ago

Haha, I’m laughing so hard at Qi Qi’s reaction xD

Poor Lu Zi Zhou didn’t expect this at all – he’s already fallen no his face thrice … though I do wonder if he himself caused the system error?

thank you for your translation ~

9 months ago

Lu Zi Zhou seems too composed… Was it really a bug What brought them together?

I laughed so much.

Thanks for the chapter!

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