I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO A

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 2 Little cutie

“Alright, let’s do it!” After all, he was reluctant to give up the task that would make him lose a thousand performance points. Qi Qi clenched his hands, “Who said that a submissive cannot be a dominant? A submissive is more terrifying than anyone else! Bring it on, let’s do the task!”

He was tall, his legs were long and his solemn suit was wrinkled because of his casual sitting posture. His clenched fists point to the ceiling, his cold facial features making a soft and cute expression of excitement that wasn’t convincing, but he was still excited, his bent arms seeming to prove that he also had strong and powerful muscles.

How come looking at this… it looked so discordant.

The submissive system was silent for one second.

[…. Are you sure?]

Qi Qi nodded firmly.

He wanted to make a fierce expression but he didn’t know where to start, so he just bulged his cheeks hard and announced with bared teeth: “From now on, I’m going to attack!”


On the desk, several stacks of documents were pressed down like a mountain, full of malice.

Qi Qi lay on the table, looking at the cumbersome and complicated numbers in the file. He felt as if he had been thrown into an ant hill and the ants crawling around were enough to scare people, he had to scream at the dense ants scrambling one by one to get off of him.

Finally, he couldn’t bear it and slammed the documents on the table: “Why should I approve these documents?”

[Maintaining the normal operation of the company is part of the daily tasks, host please, fighting]

Qi Qi collapsed and bowed his head, again feeling the fear of being dominated by systematic statistical mathematics.

When he was studying at the Repair College, his grades weren’t bad. It couldn’t be said that he ranked first in the top three but he at least got higher marks in all cases. Even in the weak subject of systematic statistical mathematics, he could guarantee that the correct rate was more than ninety percent.

So, based on his results, if it hadn’t been for Lu Zi Zhou getting in the way during the graduation assessment, he wouldn’t have been reduced to binding with the submissive system.

Destroyed his image, messed with his sexuality, he couldn’t even hook up with a girl up till now!

How deep the hatred of a thousand year old virgin man was, he just wanted to cut Lu Zi Zhou into pieces!

At the thought of Lu Zi Zhou, Qi Qi suddenly burst into flames, the back of his gnashing teeth creaking, and the enthusiasm that had just been extinguished by the foul documents came back.

He shook his fist with high morale: “Aren’t they just documents? We’ll see!”

The submissives of different planes all had one thing in common, that was, their status was generally low and their life was mainly dominated by love. He had learned nothing about finance, management, or anything, he just had to pretend to be pitiful.

For so many years, he had never been exposed to the professional knowledge of company management and Qi Qi himself wasn’t interested in these. So it was conceivable that he was unfamiliar with the management of a company’s business now that he was faced with it, but the task required it, so he had no choice. He could only bite the bullet and go through it at scalp numbing slowness.

After a while, his upright sitting posture collapsed in half, his shoulders drooped and the tip of his chin moved closer and closer to the table.

“Why does this dominant work every day?” Qi Qi forcibly cheered himself up, biting the cap of his pen in depression, “Is there no leisure and entertainment in his life?”

The system didn’t answer.

In order to ensure the work efficiency and quality of the plane repairer, the serving system was generally not allowed to have too much communication with them. Previously the reason why the system and Qi Qi had said so much was mainly because of the bug in the system.

After all, after so many years of being a submissive, although he hadn’t personally experienced certain things, he had seen them and had a little understanding so even if the system didn’t say anything, Qi Qi knew it in his heart. In the life of the attacker, apart from love, it was basically work, which could be described as monotonous.

With a helpless sigh, Qi Qi felt that a dominant wasn’t good enough for the first time. He had to face a lot of work every day. He was was simply exhausted to the point of exploding.

Speaking of this, Lu Zi Zhou’s binding system seems to be a dominant system…

Humph, it serves him right!

Lu Zi Zhou’s defeated appearance reappeared in Qi Qi’s mind, making him shake his head. Before he had time to drive Lu Zi Zhou out, the voice of the weak system rang, interrupting his thoughts.

[The target of the mission has appeared, please go to the designated location as soon as possible.]

Qi Qi hurriedly cheered himself up, raised his hand gently and tapped the task panel floating in his upper left corner, opening it up. Sure enough, the plot task had been updated.

This was the first time that the dominant and the submissive were meeting. The submissive came to the company of the dominant for an interview and took the same elevator with him. The submissive then fell down in the elevator accidentally and the dominant went to help him, but due to various incredible physical reasons, they embraced each other.

All in all, it was full of cliches. Just a single look and the aura of Mary Sue who couldn’t bear to look directly at him would already fall down.

Qi Qi walked to the mirror at the door of the office, patted his face hard and abruptly changed his expression from stiff to serious to cold then he straightened his waist with satisfaction and coolly, handsomely and tyrannically walked out the door.

When the employees outside heard the sound of the president’s door opening, they one after the other looked up in horror. The moment they saw Qi Qi, they hurriedly lowered their heads and worked tremblingly.

Qi Qi looked at the group of people in front of him who were looking at him like chicks, moving away from his eyes as they shivered. Even the repetition range of his head swinging wasn’t much different from before. For a moment, he was a bit speechless, feeling that in their eyes he was a vicious eagle.

Then again, there was no reason to put dozens of desks in front of the president’s office! In the design of this office building, placing so many people here to block the door, it wasn’t just for him to scare people right?!

Qi Qi complained in his heart, but didn’t show it on his face. He only wandered to the lobby on the first floor, patrolled around and put on a cold and serious appearance, scaring the employees on the first floor who felt like they were walking on thin ice, afraid of being targeted by the boss.

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