I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 1 Little cutie

Among the most iconic buildings in the city center, the most prominent was the towering office building. The silver-gray metal exterior wall gleamed in the sun. It was a palace where countless aspiring young people dreamt of employment. Inside, it was another look altogether.

The elevator door on the top floor opened slowly, and a tall and stalwart figure appeared.

The noisy corridor suddenly quieted down and everyone stopped talking in unison, turning to look at the man in suit and leather shoes.

The man stepped out, his imposing eyes sweeping over the crowd unintentionally, his expressionless and cold appearance causing their hearts to jump, one after another bowing their heads to quietly do their work.

The corners of the man’s cold and thin lips pursed slightly, but his posture was somewhat stiff. He walked through the corridor without saying a word, stepped into the huge office at the end, slammed it ruthlessly, and closed the door heavily.

Everyone sighed in relief.

The president’s aura was so domineering.


In the office, Qi Qi carefully checked the door lock, blocking the cautious gaze of the people outside the door.

The moment the door closed, his stern and arrogant expression almost immediately changed to helplessness and disgust and turning around he slumped into the office chair, his fingertips vacant in midair.

A transparent panel appeared in front of him and a cold mechanical voice suddenly sounded.

[Submissive System, No. 10080. Host’s current sitting posture does not conform to the dominant setting, please correct it in time, thank you for your cooperation.]

Maintaining his paralyzed posture, Qi Qi didn’t know where to put his long legs. He raised his eyes and stared at 10080: “You also know that you’re a submissive system, what happened with this task? Why has my human setting become a dominant setting?”

10080 fell silent abruptly, and after a while, when Qi Qi thought it was the signal that had caused the system to freeze, the mechanical sound rang again.

[The transmission path was disordered due to the influence of spatial stacking, resulting in a certain degree of displacement in the task selection of target matching.]

Qi Qi: “….”

“So that’s to say, it means that there’s a bug in the system?!”

The mechanical sound paused for a second, then admitted it unwillingly.

[In theory, it can indeed be explained like this.]

Qi Qi held his forehead.

As the binding person of the submissive system, he had been conscientiously working hard to play the role of the peerless submissive. His diligent work day and night made him finally get the second best result in the year-end performance list this year and seeing that it was nearing the end of the year, in order to hit the first place on the performance list, he decided to take on another difficult task.

In the mission’s profile, he was going to play the role of the weak protagonist of this plane, but when he traveled through the space shuttle to the mission site, he found that he had somehow turned into the dominant character.

Only god knew the intertwined joy and panic in his heart when he had opened his eyes to find that he was 1.9 meters tall! Whether in reality or in a task, he had never experienced such a high angle of view this easily!!

Qi Qi held his forehead in exhaustion, waving his hand in compromise: “Then since it’s a system error, can this task be replaced? I still have to go back to earning points!”

[Is host giving the confirmation to abandon this mission?]

Seeing that the system had agreed to release him, Qi Qi was relieved, and just as he wanted to nod his head to confirm, he suddenly realized that something was wrong. He flicked the system’s words back and forth then suddenly reacted, asking in horror: “What does it mean to abandon this mission?”

The system didn’t say anything.

Qi Qi was angry: “Why is it I abandoning the task? It’s your bug, shouldn’t the system automatically cancel it?”

The mechanical sound responded quite quickly this time.

[Once the task is released, it cannot be withdrawn.]

Qi Qi took a breath.

“You mean,” he reconfirmed unwillingly, “if I abandon this task, they will deduct my credit points, performance index, and year-end bonus this year?!”

[In theory, this is true.]

The submissive system also seemed to feel it was a bit too much, even the sound of its mechanical voice was a little weak.

Qi Qi held his head speechlessly.

To be honest, he really didn’t care about other things like money, vacations and so on, and the travelling through the worlds had more or less become a less appealing, but he absolutely couldn’t lose in performance appraisal!

It had to be known that he had been working hard for so many years. Not only did he take tasks far more frequently than other plane repairers, he also achieved 100% completion of the tasks, just so that one day, he could rush to the first place on the performance list and trample that bastard Lu Zi Zhou.

Now he had finally reached second place with much difficult and the gap between him and Lu Zi Zhou had narrowed down to only a few hundred points. How could he, because of this strange reason be pushed down!!

What’s more, Qi Qi believed that he wasn’t a submissive, but that he had been secretly calculated against by Lu Zi Zhou when he had been choosing the binding system at graduation. Not only did the stallion system that was about to be available disappear, he had been binded to this submissive system tearfully.

Heavens knew he was straight!!! Not a stallion protagonist, giving him a match to a miserable male lead or even a cannon fodder villain would have also been good!! What the h*** was the issue with throwing him to a weak submissive system?!

So… what’s the role of a dominant character, it shouldn’t be a problem right?

Even though he thought so, he had played the role of the submissive countless times in his tasks and he had been silently enduring it for so many years now. After changing his identity this time, changing to a dominant that was the opposite of a submissive, Qi Qi really couldn’t adapt.

Just now the daily task of [Cool handsome and tyrannical oppression of the employees, letting the employees be frightened by your domineering aura], he almost couldn’t stand up to the force of it. It was only through pinching his palms hard that he was able to maintain that coffin face.

T/N: If there’s any mistake with any of the terms, please inform me.


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8 months ago

charctt – character?

The premise of this story is quite interesting – the system also seems like an interesting character. I’m excited for future chapters ~

Thank you for your translation ^^

8 months ago

Ohh. He must be the dominant this time? He should be happy If he was unwilling to be submissive before, right? Let’s see.

Thanks for your Hard work!

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