This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

This evil one is from the Immortal Realm

Chapter 83 Spreading emotions

“… Gulp.” Nie Xiao Jiu swallowed, his heart trembling. If he undressed him and helped him shower while he was drunk, if he woke up tomorrow and got to know, he’d definitely kill him…

No way!

“Big brother, I can’t… ” Nie Xiao Jiu shook his head desperately. If you wake up tomorrow you’ll kill me!

Nie Nan Feng narrowed his eyes, light danger emanating from them. Nie Xiao Jiu shivered with fear. It’s over, it’s over! It seemed a drunk big brother was more dangerous, what if he strangled him now?

Nie Xiao Jiu kept screaming in his heart: who will come and save me!

Seeing Nie Nan Feng’s face sinking more and more, Nie Xiao Jiu’s small heart shook violently. Anyway, he had one more night to live, tomorrow after big brother sobered up, he would give a good explanation. So thinking this way, Nie Xiao Jiu lifted his hand to unbutton Nie Nan Feng’s shirt….

The moment Nie Xiao Jiu’s hand touched Nie Nan Feng’s collar, it was as if Nie Nan Feng was an animal whose fur had been soothed, all the cold air around his body dissipated instantly.

Nie Xiao Jiu breathed a sigh of relief. His fingertips skimmed across the shirt’s neckline all the way down, delicate high-end buttons unbuttoned by him one by one, following Nie Nan Feng’s breathing as his slightly raised chest moved up and down, abs and his v-line more than defined.

A strange feeling moved across Nie Xiao Jiu’s heart, but he couldn’t help but think secretly to himself: Big brother’s figure was really what a man’s body was made of, his was a shame.

He moved quickly and after unbuttoning the rest, Nie Nan Feng’s shirt came off, then his hands went to Nie Nan Feng’s abdomen to unbuckle his belt.

In that moment, Nie Xiao Jiu felt a little bit shy.

But I’m not a girl, what’s there to be shy about?

So Nie Xiao Jiu automatically ignored the strange feeling in his heart and unbuckling Nie Nan Feng’s belt, his hands inevitably touched Nie Nan Feng’s skin and perhaps because he had drunk wine, Nie Nan Feng’s body was very hot and this kind of heat seemed to be contagious.

Nie Xiao Jiu felt that temperature roll from his fingertips, along his arm, spread to his whole body, then his face turned red as if it was mirroring an apple.

Nie Xiao Jiu panicked, then his hands also shook.

“Mm-hmm….” Nie Nan Feng moaned stuffily, his body also moving forward slightly.

“Big… Big brother… So… sorry!” Nie Xiao Jiu looked at his brother in confusion, almost about to cry.

Nie Nan Feng lifted his arm slightly and Nie Xiao Jiu thinking he wanted to hit him, covered his face in fear, but the imagined pain didn’t come, Nie Nan Feng just put his hands on the wall behind him.

Nie Xiao Jiu put his hand down and looked at Nie Nan Feng who had ‘trapped him’ between his arms. They were so close, it left him almost breathless.

Nie Nan Feng’s brows furrowed, then loosened after some time. Seeming to have been relieved of the pain, he half squinted his eyes, looking at Nie Xiao Jiu who was close to him, a kind of emotion Nie Xiao Jiu had never seen before spreading in his eyes.

Nie Xiao Jiu’s heart raced, his body unable to help tightening, his breathing also unable to keep up with the rhythm of his heart.

Nie Nan Feng’s head got lower and lower, the distance between the two, at last, only one centimeter.

At this moment, a ridiculous thought appeared in Nie Xiao Jiu’s mind. Nie Nan Feng…. wanted to kiss him!

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