I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 5 Little cutie

Qi Qi stood on the spot, his widened eyes round, his face pale as he looked at Lu Zi Zhou who was lying on the ground with an innocent face, tremblingly as he said: “You… who did you say you were?”

Lu Zi Zhou blinked, suddenly regretting that he had said his name just now.

He just wanted to remedy the situation when he heard a ‘ding’ and the elevator door opened again.

Both of them were taken aback for a moment. They turned their heads and looked out. They saw the strange and frightened faces of several employees at the elevator entrance. Only then did they realize that their current posture was really not suitable for chatting.

A tall and handsome man filled with vigor, standing in the elevator, the horror of knowing the identity of the other party on his face together with a bit of panic in the eyes of others looked like unsuccessful anger.

And the weak and poor man who had fallen helplessly to the ground, his pair of apricot eyes gleaming, as if he had some unknown grievances.

Employees: “…”

They shouldn’t have witnessed the live version of a knight stealing a man right?!


This time it was Qi Qi who scrambled to press the close button.

His whole body was tense and his movement of walking to the button in three or two steps was quick, but he hesitated for a second when he pressed the button.

God knows he would rather chat with these nervous employees than stay with Lu Zi Zhou for even a second. This was simply a test of the upper limit of his mental endurance.

To be honest, if it hadn’t been for the system’s clear rule of prohibiting private fights, he would have fought with Lu Zi Zhou hundreds of years ago, where would he wait until he had to look at this man with gnashed teeth, constantly carrying out mental attacks on him?

Lu Zi Zhou stood up from the ground neatly.

There was still a smile on the corner of his mouth, as if he wanted to forcibly dent in the character of the son of a bright moon who was as cool as the breeze. But with the delicate and cute little face he possessed this time, it was really not convincing, seeming as if he was deliberately selling cute instead: “Do it again?”

Qi Qi looked up at the task panel.

Forty-seven points, still failed.

Qi Qi, an excellent employee with good morals and work ethics glared at Lu Zi Zhou.

He just knew that meeting Lu Zi Zhou was nothing good! His task score was usually a perfect score, but now he had failed several times!

Lu Zi Zhou coughed slightly, pretending not to have seen Qi Qi’s glaring eyes.


The troubled elevator started its fourth descent.

Qi Qi’s back pressed tightly against the wall, looking at Lu Zi Zhou vigilantly as he repeated: “Why are you here?!”

Lu Zi Zhou shrugged and said helplessly: “There was an error in the system. I originally accepted the task of a dominant character, but the result was that I became attached to a submissive role.”

He tried to lower his posture, trying to reduce Qi Qi’s vigilance, however Qi Qi was neither enticed by the carrot of browbeaten by the stick, the hostility in his eyes as he looked at Lu Zi Zhou obvious.

Lu Zi Zhou touched his nose, a little sad.
“It looks like we’re going to have to do the task together,” Qi Qi was still silent, so he had to find a topic on his own to prevent the scene from becoming even more awkward. “This is our first cooperation after graduation.”

Qi Qi immediately stared with rounded eyes: “Who, who wants to cooperate with you?!”

He didn’t want to cooperate with Lu Zi Zhou, he’d cancel the mission right now! He would rather not take the year-end award, he wouldn’t stay with Lu Zi Zhou for another second.

Lu Zi Zhou put his fist to his lips, coughed gently and added casually.

“I heard that the performance points will be doubled if a task is completed due to a system error.”

Qi Qi’s eyes lit up, seeming as if he could see countless performance points scrambling to rush towards him.

“The third-ranked, Long Ao Tian on the performance list has just received a reward task and adding to his performance points a year ago he is most likely to surpass ours.”

Qi Qi’s finger that was about to tap the cancel task button on the panel immediately shrank inward.

“Also, the difficulty of my mission this time is three stars –isn’t yours four stars? As long as your completion of this mission is high, you can become the number one on the performance list this year.”

Qi Qi: “Then what are you waiting for? The elevator is already going up! Let’s hurry up!”

His eyes were shining as he waved his small fist and he seemed to have seen the glorious future of completing his task and stepping on Lu Zi Zhou to become the new generation’s performance star.

Lu Zi Zhou tried his best to suppress the corners of his lips from rising, preventing his laugh from sounding out.


The elevator reached the second floor when Qi Qi suddenly reacted: “How do you know that my mission this time is four stars?”

Lu Zi Zhou was speechless for a while.

He opened his mouth and was just about to speak when Qi Qi suddenly gave an ‘oh’ sound of realization: “I see, I’m your toughest competitor now, so you must be concerned about my task! Ha ha ha, you don’t dare underestimate me anymore, Lu Zi Zhou, you also have a day like this!”

Lu Zi Zhou silently swallowed the explanation that had come to his lips, looked at Qi Qi who was smiling cheerfully and whispered: “En, I care about you.”

“Ha ha ha ha,” Qi Qi laughed heartlessly, “I said it, I’m so powerful, I will definitely bring you a sense of crisis.”

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8 months ago

Qiqi is too cute. I can see why ml loves him.
Thanks for the chapter!

8 months ago

however Qi Qi wasn’t neither enticed by the carrot of browbeaten by the stick – was neither enticed by the carrot nor beaten by the stick? Maybe?

Qi Qi is so cute – he’s completely clueless xD
Poor LZZ will have to hold back so, so bad – I feel slightly bad for him. If only it wasn’t so much fun! It’s cute how he just instantly caters to Qi Qi and his train of thought (that’s completely off) ~

Thank you for translating!

7 months ago

Qi Qi has the submissive mentality still, or he’s Just plain silly. Lu Zi Zhou controlled him so easily.

Thanks for the chapter!

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