I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO A

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 6 Little cutie

He totally didn’t notice that Lu Zi Zhou had omitted a few words, his thinking process very simple.

Lu Zi Zhou touched his nose helplessly, simply acquiescing to Qi Qi’s statement.

He still hadn’t learned how to fall on the ground, so he jumped up again and rushed forward, falling straight into Qi Qi’s arms. Qi Qi stretched out his arms to hug him. Before he had time to push him away, the elevator reached the fourth floor.

Lu Zi Zhou reluctantly removed his buried his head from Qi Qi’s arms, not wanting to come out. Qi Qi let out a long sigh of relief. He couldn’t wait to step back two steps before shaking off Lu Zi Zhou’s hand: “We’re here, move now.”

Lu Zi Zhou forced a serious expression, leaving only a ‘see you later’ as he walked out of the elevator.


Qi Qi sat depressed behind his desk, feeling that the system was deliberately toying with him.

This was simply wanting his life! He was a conscientious man who had played the role of the submissive for so many years, now somehow he had been put in the shell of a dominant and now he had to finish the task with Lu Zi Zhou?!

He would rather go back and die now.

However despite the endless complaints, Qi Qi, who had calmed down, really didn’t want to give up the task and go back directly.

Not to mention it hadn’t been easy for him to struggle to reach the second place on the list, the first place seemed to be readily available now. If he just ran like this, wouldn’t it be a proper sign of weakness, seeming as if he was afraid of Lu Zi Zhou?

He wasn’t afraid of him!

Still as long as he thought of Lu Zi Zhou he gritted his teeth. He sighed darkly, constantly comforting himself that as long as he endured this task and finished it would be alright.

In order to complete the task and get the highest score before, he had gone up under the knife, mountains, sea of ​​fires and he had even passed through hundreds ways to die, not to mention that he was familiar with and had tasted pain at least half of the time. What was a mere Lu Zi Zhou, he only had to move his fingers for minutes and it would be done.

Qi Qi stood akimbo, forcibly assuming an unobtrusive posture. After denting his shape for a while, he suddenly glanced at the large pile of documents on the table from the corners of his eye and he immediately wilted at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Oh, who would save him, he really didn’t want to go through those documents.


Qi Qi sighed and flipped through the thick stack of documents, feeling that his brain cells were packed in a colander, then boiled and boiled in the boiling water of the eighteenth layer of hell, until red water bubbled up, then moved about leisurely, white flowers on top accompanied by a fragrant aroma…

He stopped his brain urgently.

Tut, thinking about him again and he was hungry.

He clearly heard the weak-receiving system in his mind making a “ouu~” that was similar to being disgusted. Qi Qi was so angry that he hit the upper left panel with a paw, expressing his anger through body language.

So when Lu Zi Zhou pushed the door in and entered, he saw Qi Qi hitting the air in the upper left corner with his teeth and claws, the fierceness of his face reducing his awkward gestures, leaving only a little cuteness and hilarity.

Like a little milky cat who was somehow quarreling with his tail.


He laughed shamelessly.

Qi Qi was taken aback then quickly turned to look at Lu Zi Zhou who was standing at the door. He shuddered all over and took two steps back in panic, too scared to continue attacking the system: “You, you, how did you get in?”

The tall and majestic figure had an inexplicable and stubborn domineering aura, however on Qi Qi it was like a small squirrel holding its big tail as it barred the way, a pair of wet apricot eyes looking at him—— Lu Zi Zhou touched his chin, sighing silently in his heart.

Although Qi Qi’s real body was a 1.5-meter adorable little cutie, even if he really looked like this now, a handsome and cold 1.9-meter tall man, afraid it was only just a pile of overbearing muscles rather than an overbearing strong dominant.

So it could be said that a submissive soul couldn’t be changed.

Qi Qi didn’t know about the unspeakable images that filled Lu Zi Zhou’s brain. He rolled his eyes slowly, his vigilant eyes on Lu Zi Zhou, looking at him up and down.

The tip of Lu Zi Zhou’s ears turned pink as he was watched by Qi Qi’s clear gaze. He coughed and walked to the side of the sofa in three steps and sat down quickly, putting his elbows on his knees casually.

He calmed down before explaining: “The original plot is that you’ll order someone to interview me personally, but you seem to have forgotten to call that person.”

Qi Qi choked. He had been immersed in the shock of ‘Lu Zi Zhou is here’ and the deliciousness of ‘hot pot in his brain’ — wrong he had been thinking — about the tragic ‘hell in his brain’ and had completely forgotten about his business.

“Anyway, just now when we were in the elevator, cough, you know, we were seen by the staff,” Lu Zi Zhou pretended not to see Qi Qi’s ever-changing face, continuing with a smile, “So I told them you’re going to interview me personally and they sent me up immediately.”

No doubt about that, they were sincerely fearful and respectful.

Subconsciously looking at the task panel, the task of [Interviewing Xiao Ruo Su in person] had already been completed 50%. Obviously Lu Zi Zhou’s own operation had been recognized by the system, Qi Qi quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

In other words, the name of this little submissive was ‘Xiao Ruo Su’. It could be said to be a very sloppily given name.

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