I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO A

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 7 Little cutie

No matter how much he hated Lu Zi Zhou, the tasks that should be completed still had to be completed. Qi Qi sighed reluctantly and compromised: “Then should we continue with the next task?”

[Interview Xiao Ruo Shou in person] The task progress was only 50%. Obviously, it was necessary to finish the plot of the two people interviewing in the office separately before the plot would be truly finished.

Seeing Lu Zi Zhou nodding, Qi Qi sat at the desk, held a thick-skinned document in one hand, raised his eyelids and looked lazily at Lu Zi Zhou, saying slowly: “Do you know who I am?”

Lu Zi Zhou: “Puff.”

Suddenly raising his head to face Lu Zi Zhou’s laughing face, Qi Qi instantly exploded: “Hey, hey, we have started the task, okay! What are you laughing at? Can you be more professional?”

Lu Zi Zhou quickly held back his laugh and waved at Qi Qi.

He really hadn’t meant to laugh, it was just that looking at Qi Qi sitting upright like a three point good student, with a stern face and forceful dominance, but with his eyes dodging his, with that serious appearance, it was really…..

Lu Zi Zhou couldn’t help but think of the plot of the dominant and arrogant role he had played in a certain world he had experienced.

At that time, he had felt that the character in this plot was simply brain-dead, but once Qi Qi was substituted in, it seemed– a little cute.

Don’t know what picture he was thinking about, the tips of Lu Zi Zhou’s ears became red without him noticing.

As he was thinking wildly, from the corner of his eyes he caught a glimpse of Qi Qi looking at him angrily and was immediately stunned. He immediately calmed down and said: “Do it again, do it again. This time, there won’t be any problem.”

Qi Qi’s lips curled, thinking to himself that this person wasn’t attentive like this and his acting skills were also very poor, but he actually becoming the number one on the performance list, so exasperating! Clearly he should have been able to have overtaken him a long time ago.


Qi Qi sat back in his chair and tried to adjust to the best condition.

Overbearing President Qi Qi officially launched: “Do you know who I am?”

Lu Zi Zhou shrank his neck in, a pair of eyes blinking upward, glancing submissively at Qi Qi as he whispered nervously, “I know, you, you are the president.”

Qi Qi hummed with satisfaction, looked up at Lu Zi Zhou with pride and proudly moved his chin to the side: “Go and pour me a cup of coffee. Latte, sugar free, ice.”

That’s right, this is what a dominant was about. Those who liked to eat sweets sounded too weak, okay. You have to drink coffee to reflect the style, and you must have a strong stomach.

Qi Qi, who liked to eat sugar, had a very weak stomach and hated coffee and all other bitter drinks, looked at the plot reminder on the task panel, crying without tears.

Why should a script be written in such detail? Was it necessary to specifically emphasize the significance of the sugar-free latte that should be drunk?!

Lu Zi Zhou caught a glimpse of Qi Qi’s ever-changing expressions and felt that he was so cute that he wanted to step forward and smooth his hair, but it wasn’t obvious on his face. He only responded obediently, picked up the cup on Qi Qi’s table and turned to the coffee machine.

Lu Zi Zhou was still grinding the coffee beans slowly and tirelessly, while Qi Qi smelled the unique bitterness of coffee from a long distance away. His lips shriveled as he watched Lu Zi Zhou brew the coffee slowly then deliver it to him.

Resisting the urge to pinch his nose, Qi Qi frowned and looked at the dark thing.

I hate it, I hate it, but his professionalism was absolutely perfect, it was just a matter of closing his mind. He raised his head slightly and simply poured coffee into his mouth.

Ou…. eh?

Qi Qi smacked his lips.

He blinked, the aftertaste silent for a second, then it hit him again.

Hmm, it seemed, a bit sweet?

After receiving Qi Qi’s blank eyes, Lu Zi Zhou couldn’t help but curl his lips, his slender fingers silently pointing to the coffee machine not far away — nearly five or six packs of white granulated sugar were scattered on the smooth tabletop.

It was actually sweetener.

Qi Qi’s eyes bent as he smiled, two shallow dimples appearing.

After drinking the sweet coffee with sweetener, he was in a good mood. He even recited his lines sincerely at this time: “The brew is pretty good. From now on, bring me a cup on time at 8:30 in the morning, do you understand?”

Lu Zi Zhou raised his head in surprise, looking at Qi Qi incredulously as he said excitedly: “Really, really? I can stay?”

Qi Qi smiled indulgently.

He looked at the huge floor-to-ceiling mirror in the office and worked hard to raise the corner of his mouth higher to create the ‘evil charm with a trace of tenderness, cold but full of indulgence’ look that was in the detailed description of the task.

Then again, how did one’s smile achieve so many levels?!

No matter how much Qi Qi raised the corners of his mouth slantingly, it looked like a complication of muscle convulsions. The action of frowning and winking in order to tilt the corners of his mouth was even more funny.

Lu Zi Zhou wanted to laugh again.

He quickly pursed his lips and turned his eyes to the side, the muscles on his cheeks tight, but his shoulders were still shaking unconsciously.

Clearly glimpsing the smile at the bottom of Lu Zi Zhou’s eyes, Qi Qi glared at him, decisively giving up the bonus item of ‘evil charming smile’, as he stroked his hair with one hand, saying slowly: “Don’t think too much. All you need to know is that you are the one I want, that’s enough.”


A prompt sounded on Lu Zi Zhou and Qi Qi’s character panel at the same time.

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