I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO A

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 8 Little cutie

The two of them looked at each other slowly, the corners of their mouths overflowing with smiles. The joy brought by the completion of the plot unconsciously brought out a bit of joy in the eyes of the two, homogenous emotions entangled together, as if in the next moment they would be able to–

Next moment–

“Ha ha ha ha ha, this plot is too cliche, ha ha ha ha.” Qi Qi held his stomach as he moved back and forth, suddenly bursting into laughter, “You are the one I want? What kind of shameful line is that? Aha ha ha ha.”

His eyes that had been full of charm was washed away by the laughter. Lu Zi Zhou looked at Qi Qi who was pounding the table in exaggeration with black lines on his face: “Are you done? I use this line every time I perform a task.”

Qi Qi’s laughter came to an abrupt end. He stared at Lu Zi Zhou with round eyes. After a while, he burst into more intense laughter: “Ha ha ha, it just came to me that you’re a dominant, ha ha ha ha, you use this line every day, don’t you get a headache? Ha ha ha ha.”

Lu Zi Zhou blinked, watching as Qi Qi’s cheeks turned red because of his intense laugh, then he said inexplicably, “It depends on whether you will like it or not later in the future.”

Qi Qi was taken aback, not understanding: “What?”

Lu Zi Zhou’s lips hooked up elegantly, crossing his legs as he sat aside casually, smiling like a big tailed wolf: “Nothing. Aren’t the lines in your usual missions very troublesome as well?”

As soon as he spoke about his submissive system, Qi Qi got angry. The little affection he’d had for Lu Zi Zhou just now because of that cup of coffee with sweetener disappearing almost instantly.

He stood up angrily and no longer paying attention to Lu Zi Zhou, lifted his hand to click open his task panel.

The interview plot was over and the system’s score was 68 points. Although it still wasn’t ideal, it could be regarded as crossing the pass line anyway.

From now on, the plot would be of the two of them getting along day and night to cultivate good feelings. As long as the feelings of both parties reached 80%, they would have passed.

At the end of the last task, the function for querying the favorability level had already been enabled, so Qi Qi raised his hand to click open the favorability query interface, taking a casual glance.

He was really curious about how much Lu Zi Zhou liked him.



The coffee cup fell onto the woolen carpet, spreading in the office, the fluffy white carpet stained with large brown and black stains, looking very eye-catching.

Qi Qi stared with wide eyes, his face pale as he pointed to Lu Zi Zhou, lips trembling unconsciously, “This, this, this, what is going on?!”

When Lu Zi Zhou looked in the direction of the sound, he saw that Qi Qi had accidentally knocked over his coffee cup, he hurriedly took two tissues and walked towards him: “What’s wrong? So careless? Were you burned?”

Qi Qi jumped to the side in horror, avoiding contact with Lu Zi Zhou, pointing to the task panel in front of him, so scared that he couldn’t even speak clearly: “This, this, this favorability level, what is going on?”

“Why, why are your feelings for me at 93%?! And it’s even the red one?!” It took a lot of effort to say the whole thing, Qi Qi’s whole body unwell.

Weren’t they old enemies? Didn’t Lu Zi Zhou always look at him like he was an eyesore? He was still thinking about defeating him and taking revenge, what the hell was going on with this favorability?!

I treat you as an enemy, but you want to sleep with me? This should be the plot of this mission world, not his own! He didn’t want such a bloody emotional tie, who would come and save him?!

Lu Zi Zhou was stunned for a moment, secretly shouting, not good.

He stepped back as if nothing had happened, put a puzzled look on his face, raised his hand to open his task panel, glanced at it, looked at Qi Qi and asked sincerely: “Isn’t this the favorability level we have for each other? It shows here that your feelings for me is at 70%.”


Qi Qi breathed a long sigh of relief, his feeling of being nervous to the point of being about to collapse fading as he recovered slowly.

If Lu Zi Zhou’s feelings for him was at 90%, a pervert like Lu Zi Zhou whose heart was impossible to guess from his face, things could happen to him — but him having feelings for Lu Zi Zhou at 70%? It was absolutely impossible.

This person caused him to lose the chance in the graduation exam to bind himself to the stallion system. In the end, with tears he was matched to the submissive system and over the years his performance had been crushed and mocked by him.

“Ha, that’s not possible,” Qi Qi regained his composure, shook his head with certainty and waved his hand, “It seems that this should be the original owner’s feelings for each other and perhaps it may also be a system bug caused by the two of us doing tasks together.”

Lu Zi Zhou blinked, seeming to want to say something. He hesitated for a while, then murmured weakly: “Why can’t it be that you have feelings for me that’s at 70%? What are you being so sure for?”

He thought his voice was quite small, but Qi Qi still heard it. He narrowed his eyes, looked at Lu Zi Zhou up and down, rolled his eyes in disgust and said speechlessly, “Please, how can my feelings for you be at 70%? It should rather be negative 70%.”

There were three types of favorability levels that could be displayed on the task panel. The favorability rating marked in yellow represented family affection, the favorability rating marked in blue represented friendship, and the favorability rating marked in red represented love.

The favorability rating of the red was by default measured by 60%, which could trigger the impulse of an ordinary couple to fall in love. If it was 80%, they could talk about marriage. If it reached 90%, it was called staying together as one until death.


Lu Zi Zhou looked up, staring at his task panel unwillingly.

A negative 70% favorability floated in huge black numbers, looking shocking.

Nice, this little guy’s guess was quite accurate.

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