Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 37 Lower Limit of Hype

When Lin Qin and Meng Chao came out of the kitchen, Jin Feiyun’s news had already been exposed by the studio.

While the four people were sucking up noodles in the villa, news about Jin Feiyun had gone viral.

[Jin Feiyun’s news], [Jin Feiyun’s love affair exposed], [Jin Feiyun living together with her lover exposed] These three hot searches firmly occupied the top three spots on the hot list search rankings.

Jin Feiyun was a small internet star. With the release of this ambiguous news, almost the entire Weibo was discussing this matter and the PR team’s post also skyrocketed.

The most widely retweeted post was the new post made by ‘Fei Yi’.

Fei Yi—: Us. [Picture]

The picture was a selfie with Jin Feiyun showing half of her face and behind her was a man who was standing on a T-bone ladder painting seriously, coupled with the word ‘us’. This word made it impossible for people not to be able to add one to one and think that it was ambiguous.

This picture, together with the post of Jin Feiyun’s news, partly as if it was announcing their relationship but not, was even more intimate than they announcing the relationship themselves.

After the a whole lot of noise about this news, a mysterious ID issued made a speculation–

[Great Master of the circle: Am I the only one who thinks, that the man behind her is very much like movie emperor Meng? Ladies and gentleman, do you think it’s possible….]

Was it possible? This intrigued the netizens.

Then came the comments of the water army—

[No you’re not alone, I also think it’s the shadow of movie emperor Meng]

[My god, what an astounding truth, movie emperor Meng and this small star are together?]

[I originally thought it was about the exposure of Jin Feiyun’s news, I didn’t expect that there’s a huge melon vine to follow.]

When Meng Chao’s fans got wind of this they quickly trampled and trashed the water army’s comments.

[My Meng Chao is shooting the reality show ‘We are together’, please, don’t use my Meng Ge to create a scandal.]

[Exactly, my daddy Meng’s appearance fee is very expensive, do you want me to show you a receipt?]

[Ha ha ha ha ha, where did this eighteenth tier unknown star pop up from? Daring to touch my porcelain movie emperor Meng? Have you seen the color of your own sh**?]

[Commenter above don’t say such unpleasant words, Jin Feiyun is also a popular star, not an unknown star, at best she’s a white lotus tea b*tch!]

[A chicken pea wants rub off some of my movie emperor Meng’s fame onto herself? Are you worthy of it?]

Meng Chao’s fans were well known in the entertainment circle for being famously tough and as hard as kryptonite. Jin Feiyun’s studio paid a lot of money to keep this post in the lead of the hot search of the entertainment news, but the water army couldn’t fight against Meng Chao’s fans and after being torn apart by his fans, finally deleted the Weibo post silently.

The move of ID ‘Great Master of the circle’ was extremely intelligent.

However because it was related to Meng Chao, the claim that the picture was Meng Chao’s back circulated on Weibo.

Ten minutes later, [Meng Chao Jin Feiyun], [Meng Chao and Jin Feiyun living together], [Meng Chao and Jin Feiyun’s love affair exposed] and other five keywords such as these made the viral hot search with more and more people noticing that it was Meng Chao’s back.

Concerning this, Meng Chao’s fans didn’t wash it away because they could also see that it was Meng Chao’s back.

Jin Feiyun’s fans went to Jin Feiyun’s Weibo one after the other, went to Meng Chao’s Weibo account, Jin Feiyun’s studio’s Weibo account and even Meng Chao’s studio to verify, asking if Jin Feiyun was with Meng Chao?

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9 months ago

Somebody please axe this little entertainment star who thinks she can swipe Big Daddy Meng from Movie Emperor Lin

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