Falling in love with the male god

Falling in love with the male god

Chapter 38 Lower Limit of Hype

Jin Feiyun’s studio was the leader of this hype, so naturally they couldn’t stand up to clarify it. They simply pretended to be dumb and deaf, they couldn’t see or hear.

It was Meng Chao’s studio that posted a Weibo post for the first time with a significant meaning.

Meng Chao Studio v: Posted picture [Pic]

That’s right, this Weibo wasn’t accompanied by any other thing, only one picture, full of irony.

It was a simple stroke of an image with a snake and an elephant. The snake had opened its mouth wide, seeming to want to swallow the elephant.

Fans of Meng Chao commented under Weibo post—-

[Her heart is too greedy, this is chicken pea’s self created hype, no doubt about it]

[Some people’s eating phase is simply too ugly, so many years that my movie emperor Meng has been in the entertainment circle with a clean and pure image, without any scandal, yet this time he was actually entangled by a chicken pea]

[Disgusting, so disgusting]

As Meng Chao’s studio had issued this post, which wasn’t that clarifying, the onlookers who were waiting to eat the melon stood on the sidelines.

What a joke, was it possible for Meng Chao, whose fame had even passed the road of popularity and national fame to compete with Jin Feiyun? For a while, Weibo was laughing at Jin Feiyun’s hyping post about Meng Chao.

When Jin Feiyun’s studio saw the ridicule online they couldn’t understand it. Wasn’t it that the woman was seen as the victim when this kind of suspected relationship was exposed? How come the woman was being ridiculed at this moment?

What was happening online, because Lin Qin and Meng Chao’s cell phones had been confiscated, naturally they didn’t know.

Lin Qin’s cooked noodles had received unanimous praise, not because the turnout was good, but really because Lin Qin’s cooking skills were really so good which left them sighing. All four bowls of noodles were cleared, not even a drop was left.

On the director’s side, they were naturally well-informed, so soon they received news about what was happening online.

The director gave Jin Feiyun a complex look. He hadn’t expected that after they had refused to jointly create a hype, Jin Feiyun and her team would still go ahead with it.

The director considered it for a while, then called Meng Chao out and told him briefly and concisely about the happenings on online.

Meng Chao didn’t show any emotions at all, he simply had the director return his cell phone temporarily.

The director guessed that Meng Chao wanted to clarify the scandal himself and asked the staff to return Meng Chao’s cell phone to him.

When Meng Chao returned to the living room, Lin Qin looked at him, his eyes filled with inquiry. He felt just now that the director’s expression seemed to be a little meaningful, had something happened?

Meng Chao shook his head at Lin Qin and gave Jin Feiyun a glance full of ridicule. Obviously there was no change in his expression and emotions, but Jin Feiyun suddenly felt a chill run over her back, feeling extremely guilty.

Meng Chao went straight to Zhang Yue and handed him his cell phone. “Can you take a picture for me?” Zhang Yue was still immersed in the biography of Lin Qin’s character and hadn’t gone on Weibo yet, so although he didn’t know, he still took the phone and got up.

“Lin Qin, let’s take a picture.” Meng Chao walked to the mural Lin Qin had just drawn in the morning and stood in front of it, calling Lin Qin as well.

Lin Qin walked over and very cooperatively stood beside Meng Chao, but didn’t expect that Meng Chao would put his hands around his shoulders the next second. As Lin Qin got nervous, Zhang Yue moved his hand and took the picture.

“Senior Meng, what do you think of this one?” Zhang Yue walked over, handing the cell phone back to Meng Chao.

As soon as Meng Chao saw it, he was very satisfied.

It had to be said that Zhang Yue had captured it well. Lin Qin had shrank in nervously, looking at Meng Chao, looking like Meng Chao was holding him in his arms.

Right then, Meng Chao posted this picture on Weibo.

Meng Chao v: The mural my boy drew, the wall I painted and the surrounding walls. Ha ha ha [picture]

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