I'm a little cutie not a bossy CEO A

I’m a little cutie not a bossy CEO

Chapter 10 Little cutie

Lu Zi Zhou took a deep breath. His first reaction was to turn his head to avoid Qi Qi’s eyes — the turbulent emotions in his eyes could no longer be concealed. If they continued to look at each other, he was afraid he would be exposed within minutes.

However, almost at the same time he finished speaking, the sincere smile on Qi Qi’s face disappeared. He felt goose bumps on his body, making him stick out his tongue a little in disgust as he looked up to the task panel.

The red numbers were reflected on the panel display screen, pink love bubbles emerging brightly.


Just one sentence actually increased the favorability by 2%? After reaching 90%, then wouldn’t it be easier to ascend to the sky every time the favorability increased?

Thinking of the little favorability that could only be achieved by working hard before doing the task, Qi Qi couldn’t resist complaining: “This coaxing is too easy, right? Isn’t this submissive’s setting a principled and incorruptible, tough but sweet little assistant?”

Lu Zi Zhou: “…”

Not good, he was about to ooc.

Lu Zi Zhou was a little worried.

He hurried to remedy the situation: “Maybe it’s because for my character, this is the first time he has heard this kind of words, so he is too excited? Generally speaking, after a while, the favorability level will drop again.”

What he said was from the bottom of his heart. When Qi Qi said the sentence ‘Little brother, you’re really really good looking’, his whole body had been overwhelmed with excitement and he hadn’t been able to control the increase of his favorability.

Qi Qi retreated a few steps, creating a long distance from Lu Zi Zhou as he stared at the task panel seriously for a while, waiting for the so-called ‘cooling of passion’ time.

Time passed by, a minute, a second, for a long time, then Qi Qi blinked innocently: “It’s not dropping?”

Lu Zi Zhou lowered his eyes, avoiding Qi Qi’s gaze. His adam’s apple rolled slightly as he gulped with difficulty, his right hand that was hidden behind his back clenched tightly, and although it wasn’t visible on his face, he was really anxious inside.

Stop looking at me with those big autumn sparkling eyes, okay!! How can my favorability level drop with such a cute expression and innocent action!!

What should be done to reduce the favorability for someone quickly within half an hour? Online rescue, it’s really urgent!


Qi Qi frowned slightly, looked at the task panel in confusion, then mumbled thoughtfully: “Maybe it will take longer? After all, passion cannot fade away in a moment.”

Actually, after seeing that the favorability rating on the task panel had risen to 95%, Qi Qi no longer doubted the correctness of Lu Zi Zhou’s inferences— it was impossible that Lu Zi Zhou’s favorability had increased by 2% because of his ‘little brother’, right?

Then that would be too perverted.

Therefore, Qi Qi was now particularly entangled in this lingering favorability rating. It was only because looking at such a high rating, there was some uneasiness in his heart for some reason.

Lu Zi Zhou looked at him with a stern face, nodding lightly like the breeze as he casually flipped over the magazines scattered on the side, disregarding him: “Don’t worry, let’s explore it again and check the rules.”

However, his heart was almost on the verge of collapse.

He only knew how to increase the favorability level, this was the first time he had considered how to reduce a person’s favorability in his heart. What’s more, it was favorability in regards to Qi Qi.

The heavens could testify, if he really knew how to hate Qi Qi, how could he have spent the last year of Repair College in entanglement and pain, how could he have used that kind of move in the graduation assessment, and how could he have run into this world to protect Qi Qi in spite of himself the moment he heard that the chaos space system had made a mistake?

Lu Zi Zhou had a guilty conscience at the moment, completely not paying attention to Qi Qi’s indifferent expression at all. He just wanted to quickly lower his favorability by a little bit in order to win Qi Qi’s trust.

He couldn’t help the degree of affection he had when he saw his little wife, not to mention just a little bit of favorability, just thinking about him was enough to increase it.

Lu Zi Zhou comforted himself optimistically.

Just think about all the stupid things Qi Qi has done before… Sleeping in repair college and drooling during class and being caught by the teacher, then he hid in the dormitory and cried for an hour?

At that time, his face had been flushed and his eyes were tearful. Seeing that pitiful little appearance together with those choking and soft sounds as he rubbed his eyes while explaining the reason for sleeping, arousing his desire to protect him and unconsciously want to embrace him gently in his arms—wait, stop.

This matter wasn’t suitable for thought now, Lu Zi Zhou made up his mind decisively.

What else did Qi Qi do that might reduce his favorability… The Repairers 3,000 meters long-distance friendship race, halfway there he had stepped on a banana peel, went up and fell down landing on all fours?

After that, he had dragged his wounded foot, stupefied but insisted on finishing the whole race. At the end there was cold sweat on his pale face, but the corners of his mouth were pulled up, showing a sunny smile to him who was worried.

Lu Zi Zhou’s heart softened suddenly.

Whether it was embarrassment or black history, such a sensitive, such an excellent and pure Qi Qi, how could he lower his favorability of him even a little?

“Huh?” Qi Qi raised his head in surprise, looking up at his task panel, “I didn’t do anything? Why is the favorability level rising again? It’s 96%.”

Lu Zi Zhou choked and immediately escaped from that charming fantasy, suddenly realizing what he had done. His breathing stagnated as he collapsed, unable to help covering his face.

Heavens, he wanted to lower his favorability, not increase it!!

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